Chase HQ Upright Restore – Cabinet body repairs & cleanup (Part 2)

Following on from part 1, the initial teardown Now this Chase HQ cab needs some body repairs straight up. At the same time before starting the internal rebuild, I will also cosmetically fix up most of the outside too. As this upright is mostly chipboard, it is not particularly strong in parts, which shows as the is damage around the lower rear plate, where at some stage parts have collapsed around the cabinet base and wheels. To tackle this I am actually going to work on the cabinet side on to start with.


After removing the wheels at the base of the cabinet, see how the rear lower plate has come away. It is also fairly damaged in parts. I am not going to bother trying to fix it at all. I am going to remove it and build a new piece.



Couple of pics from inside. Really dirty, and looks like spare bits of heap timber from other cabinets had been used from the production line.

inside piece-removed


Couple of pics of the removed panel which needs to be rebuilt.Some parts have broken of whilst removing it initially.

rear-piece-lip rear-piece


As this is filthy inside, first give it a good vacuum. Looks better after removing the layer of dirt. Heaps of overspray can be seen on the base now.

03_10_2016_1 03_10_2016_2


I will replace the lower support particle board pieces with some hardwood. These were badly damaged, so need to be completely removed with chisel. Unbelievably these were almost falling apart in places!

03_10_2016_3 03_10_2016_4 03_10_2016_5


New lower support pieces cut to size with pre-drilled holes and countersunk. I have staggered the holes for a strong hold.



Glued and then screwed into place. MUCH stronger than particle board!



The support in the middle become unattached on one side. glued it back in and clamped down finishing off with a couple of new screws.



Along the base, it has become a little split where the wheels were on one side.



Putting some PVA glue in the cracks to give it some more strength.



Clamping down tightly to form a strong bond.



There is a chunk of ply missing, so some 2 part epoxy filler will patch that up

23_10_2016_1 23_10_2016_2


Looking at replacing the wheels, found a similar wheel with a different bracket. The wheel assembly is a perfect fit for the existing bracket. The new bracket may be useful to create a stronger method to attach the wheels to the base of the cab. Rather than screwing into the base of the cabinet, a better method would be to have metal plates either side and a bolt through the wooden base.



See on the left I have cut out part of the bracket. It is a perfect fit!



Now installed new wheels in cabinet with bolts using the bracket plates for extra strength, plus gave the original brackets a coat of black paint.



Have cut out a new rear panel. Rather than painting black, I have used blackboard vinyl to cover it, which I will continue to use on other parts of the cabinet.

dsc_1275 dsc_1276 dsc_1278 dsc_1279


I will clean up these supports a bit before placing on the cabinet. Have given them a sand and filled some dents. Starting to look good!

dsc_1280 15_11_2016_1 19_11_2016_3 19_11_2016_4


I am going to bog up this area where chunks have come out near the base. Before doing this I mix a 50/50 PVA glue/water solution and paint it in to the particle board to give the bog a bit better hold.I then put some screws in. This will give the bog a better hold, and hopefully stop the box getting knocked out if it is ever given a hard knock. As there was such a small amount I cut the slot with a Dremel & cutting disk. Whilst you can get away with this for such a small length I would not recommend it for any more length unless you want to burn your Dremel out!

15_11_2016 19_11_2016_1 19_11_2016_2 19_11_2016_5


New feet applied to base.



Along the base of the cabinet I am going to put some steel for protection as the particle board has been beat up, also to neaten things up. I found some cheap pieces of stainless steel from a recovery shop that needed to be cut on one side, with some of the length trimmed off as well. For the cutting I used a jigsaw with a blade for stainless steel cutting. Securing the steel firmly and using cutting liquid I ended up with a nice straight cut. I have covered these with black vinyl, and now attached to the cabinet base. Looks much better

22_nov_2016-1 22_nov_2016-2  27_11_2016_127_11_2016_2


There are some chips off the rear panel lip, so for those I will fill up and sand back. Have done all that now, and have put vinyl on the rear panel. Looks great.



Removing the old vinyl from the top to be replace with new much better vinyl. The panel on the top has a nice big crack/ split in it. Rather than replace the panel, I will repair/ patch up.

01_12_2016-3 01_12_2016-402_12_2016


In order to remove the gap where the crack is I have used a clamp to hold in place. Underneath a piece of MDF is glued underneath the crack to hold it together. Using screws and clamps the MDF is secured in position to ensure a tight bond.

05_12_2017-305_12_2017-1 05_12_2017-2


Holes & crack patched with filler, then painted with primer/ sealer as prep for vinyl application. After a light sand, black vinyl has been installed. Looking much better.

07_12_2016-207_12_2016-1 13_12_2016


Have now turned the cabinet over. See some very poorly installed vinyl over the speaker housing base. Off it comes with the help of a heat gun. After an initial sand, filled in some holes & dings with spak filler.

19_12_2016-1 19_12_2016-2 20_12_2016


New vinyl installed looking heaps better.

24_12_2016-1 24_12_2016-2


Have slid out the steering control panel to get to this bit to affix new vinyl. Some old vinyls still in place. Having removed that, there was some horrible glue underneath. Removed with heat gun and scraper. Sanded, and as usual nail holes filled with spak filler. Painted and new vinyl applied.

261216-3 261216-1 261216-2 27_12_2016


Starting to prep the front panel. Sanded back, then filled some of the unneeded holes with spak filler. Primed, sanded and new vinyl applied.

28_12_2016-2 28_12_2016-1 30_12_2016-330_12_2016-4


Next up is the base . Removed the metal frame, hit with a wire brush then primed. Looking good after spraying with gloss black enamel.

30_12_2016-6    30_12_2016-530_12_2016-2 


The base only had thin adhesive vinyl on it which I scraped off. After prepping surface installed new vinyl on the base.



After the new vinyl installed on the base, reattached the metal frame with some screw caps to make a neat job.


Removed the old T Molding and installed shiny new strips. Essential tool is a rubber mallet & sharp knife to cut to size.

02_01_2017-1 02_01_2017-2


This brings to and end the main cabinet body repair and clean up. Probably hard to tell from the photos but starting to look much nicer. Next up the steering body unit (centre of cab) will be cleaned up with the original decal reapplied.

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