New Arcade Projects Chase HQ & Space Invaders

I haven’t had as much time as I would like lately to spend time on my projects. I have been tinkering away at a few things, but haven’t got to the point where it is worth writing about. Anyway some project arcade machines became available locally, so I couldn’t let them pass. These need a fair bit of work, but I reckon I can bring them back to life.

LAI Space Invaders


The machine is not as desirable as the official Taito cabinet, but is quite similar. It runs the L shaped Taito board, and has the 3D background. All the mirror/moon/ background is there and intact. The game appears to start up, but there is no picture on the monitor. The side art is completely ruined and will need to be replaced. The perspex bezel is very pitted, but I actually have a spare in good condition. The artwork is readily available, so I will be able to undertake complete side artwork replacement, along with the control panel. The cabinet will need some repair with dings and chips, but its not too bad. Will also need to make a back panel as it is missing. The good thing about Space Invaders PCBs is they practically output composite, so I can actually replace the black & white monitor with a colour TV of the same size (but will still be B&W output).

Chase HQ

DSC_0354 DSC_0355

Lets Go Mr Driver! Chase HQ is a lot of fun. I actually got 2 of these cabinets. Both hard parts missing, but out of the 2 there is enough to get a complete unit. One of the cabinets was in extremely bad condition, so I stripped everything and gave the cabinet away. The remaining cabinet is in OK condition, the side art is not too bad but does have some scratches and dings. Some work will need to be done to fix parts of the cabinet that have split. The PCB that came with one works. The inside of the cabinet is very dirty, so will need to give a good clean. I am looking forward to getting this one done as it is such a good game.

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