A few old computers

I was generously given some old computer gear. We have an Epson HX-20, regarded as the first true notebook computer released, a Tandy TRS-80 Model 100 and an Apple Mac Powerbook 100. Also have a bunch of manuals and technical details to go with them.

I will clean these up, get them working and see what I can run on them.

computers manuals


Thanks Tony!


  1. My HX-20 is still working OK, I bought it new 1983. Drive band in micro cassette drive is going, but now I use CAS1 linked to laptop audio and SAVE/LOAD as .WAV which works fine. I’ve got ‘hxtape’ utility set up to convert .WAV text/BAS file, a bit fiddly but works well.
    I started learning to programme on this machine, and went on to bigger/better machines but kept this one for old times sake. I have the TF-20 floppy drive unit as well, but this seems to NOT communicate any more.
    Geoff, Guisborough, England

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