Dick Smith Wizzard/ Creativision Games Score

Lately one of my goals has been to collect some of the less common computers and consoles from the early 1980s. Recently I picked up a boxed Dick Smith Wizzard/ Creativision console. The box was a bit beat up, but inside the console itself was in excellent condition. I didn’t manage to get any games with the console, so placed a few local adds but didn’t have any luck there either.

These games are not easy to come by when looking for them. Turning to eBay, as per usual most listings were Buy it Now for insane prices. Well after patiently waiting a couple of listings came up from the same seller. Across the 2 separate lots, there were 15 cartridges, with 4 doubles within that. After bidding what I considered to be fairly high amounts, I was pleasantly surprised that both lots finished well within my top bids. I am now the proud owner of the following game cartridges:

Police Jump x2
Sonic Invader x2
Crazy Chicky x2
Basic x2
Deep Sea Adventure
Chopper Rescue
Tank Attack
Air/Sea Attack
Auto Chase
Plant Defender
Mouse Puzzle

I am looking forward to testing out my console with these games. My understanding is that a lot of these games are variants on popular titles. For example Crazy Chicky is like Pac Man, Police Jump is a take on  Donkey Kong, Chopper Rescue is inspired by Zaxxon etc.


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