Chase HQ Upright Restore – Steering Unit Set Up (Part 3)

At this point I was going to put new graphic decals on the steering unit, but for now I am just going to clean it up a little and get it functional. Putting new graphic overlays on won’t get done till the end of the project. I will also neaten up parts of the steering wheel assembly later. So this update won’t be very exciting. This is because I may end up trying to source a new steering unit unless what I come up with initially works well.

So the steering unit is not put together very well, but it will do the job. I don’t want to get too carried away trying to make it better structurally.

Before working on it I will remove the remaining flasher & power supply mini pcbs.



There are remnants of the lower part of the decal on the unit, and hideous black paint. I have scraped the old decals off, and sanded the paint back.


Time to think about the steering mech. The one in this has a free spinning movement. Now I really want spring loaded/ return to centre. I have some spares with that sort of movement, but they use a pot rather than an opto like Chase HQ.


What I will do is transfer the centre cog from the opto wheel to the pot wheel (after removing the pot). to do this I need to mount the opto up and off the base plate. to do this I have bought some 50mm M4 screews, and used nylon lock nuts to keep in position.


All things considered this might just work well!


Now as the steering mech is a differnt shape to the last one, on the inside I needed to chip away some of the wood support with a chisel to make it fit.


Attached steering mech, photo of the opto pins for reference.



I have 3 gear shifters on hand. Whilst all are a bit grotty, I can swap over the best buttons/ handle etc to end up with a unit that looks acceptable. The one with the best handle has an old rubber stop rather than a black cap. Over the years the stop resembles chewing gum. This comes out with some care.



I have picked the best plate, will look ok after a quick clean. No major scratches or rust. Inside the handle is a special switch/ flange set up.


Have now added the steering wheel , shifter & start button back in to the housing. Doesn’t look much, but will fix up at the end of the restoration.


Next up will come cleaning up the accelerator pedal, coin door/ mechs & the power transformers.

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