18 OctNew craft stand

Thanks to my good friend, Margie, I’ve finally got myself the perfect craft stand.  It’s completely articulated, has add-on accessories, is sturdy, looks great, and is pretty sexy!  It’s a Lowery steel craft stand, and I got it from Sew and So in the UK.

I opted to get a couple of accessories, being a magnetic board holder, and a little tray to put needles, thread, scissors etc.

I have it set up in my loungeroom all the time, even when I’m not using it, because the tray is handy to put stuff on :p

The little tray is handy for holding all sorts of things!

Whilst I had hoped it would inspire me to finish my current project, alas, it has not – and I’ve put that one away and started on something new.  More on that in another post.

Nevertheless, it is an extremely useful piece of equipment and I am very thankful I decided to get one!

The height is adjustable and the arm rotates 360 degrees so you can find a position most comfortable for your needs

02 SepPharaoh’s Pet

This is my latest cross stitch completion, Pharaoh’s Pet (design by Karen Couchman).  It took me several years to do as I haven’t been really into cross stitching of late.  All the blue was a killer – took ages, but at least it was a solid block, which makes it easier.  I love the blue matting and the sandy, grainy frame.  This piece has pride of place at the top of my stairs.  I am really pleased with how it turned out!

01 SepGosh, it’s been a while

Sorry for the massively long delay – what’s it been, a year, two years? Actually, I see it’s been THREE!!!

I also want to apologise to all those people who posted and asked questions, and had their comments trapped in my spam catcher.  It won’t happen again!  I’ve replied to all of you, and I’ll personally email you a response shortly.  Please come back and comment again in the future!

I’ve not done a lot of stitching in the past little while, but I have finished a pattern I’d been working on for a couple of years, and started another one.  I also completed a latchhook rug.

And I now have a semi-regular craft group of friends – we get together every couple of months to do some stitching.  It’s fun!

30 SepPlease Wipe Your Paws

Made this one a while back, finally got round to taking a pic!


29 SepTigress

Made this one a while back, and gave it to my mum for her birthday in 2006.

28 SepMy Purrfect Cat Sampler

Stitched this one many years ago – Zeus’s favourite food is now Fussy Cat Premium Steak Mince! He still loves sleeping in sunbeams tho :)

Finally got this one framed – my framer attached the photo really well. Zeus looks very slender hehe it’s an old photo.

27 SepWelcome Wreath

Made this one absolutely ages ago, but it’s been sitting in my craft box for years waiting for me to attach the charms and have it framed. It was SOOO grotty! Thankfully, my framer is an absolute legend and did the circle mat effect to hide all the dirt hehe!

26 SepSpirit of the Eagle

I made this for my dad for his birthday/xmas (2004). It was a long time coming! My cross stitching hobby has gone by the wayside of late!


25 SepAstrology Sampler

Love the colours, and the Gaia motif.


24 SepBaby Sumatran Tiger

Aww isn’t he a cutie!  I really like the tigery framing on this one.