14 JulMore Needlecraft Magic patterns

Sorry sorry sorry! I’m so slack!  For those people who requested specific patterns, I hope you still need them!

Mini Birth Sampler (and the main pattern too)


Miniature House

006 007 008

Heirloom Quilt

010 025 024 023 021 020 019 017 016 015 013 011

2 Responses to “More Needlecraft Magic patterns”

  1. Pam Durant says:

    Please could you contact me regarding the printing out of some of the needlecraft magic patterns? I tried the fish but only parts of it appeared. Also, I have a handful of needlecraft kits without patterns and wondered if you could help me track down the instructions please. Thank you.

    • tehkella says:

      Hello! I’m not sure why only parts of it would appear. The files are just straight scans from the pages, so it might be something to do with your printer? Maybe you could get someone to try printing it for you? As to the other kits, just let me know which ones you need. I’m a bit slow responding (as you can see haha) but I’ll get there eventually!

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