28 AugThe long-awaited secret project revealed!

After what feels like a decade, but was actually only two years, I have completed a very secret cross stitch project. I had the idea back then to stitch a nice delft blue sampler for my mother-in-law as she is Dutch and has a lovely collection of delft objects.  I selected what I thought was a nice, easy project and figured I could get it completed for Christmas that year.  However, when I started it, I realised there would be some issues with my being a speedy stitcher.  The pattern itself was very small, with faded print so it was quite hard to read.  Some of the icons were so faded I had to guess if there was really an icon there, or if it was just meant to be blank space!  Also, the colours were very similar which as many of us probably come to realise, can prove quite boring after a while!  We yearn for something different to work with!  The project was actually quite a lot larger than I anticipated as well, so that added to the time.

So all these little issues combined with my general craft slackness meant it was a couple of years before I finally finished the project.  When I was getting close to the final stitches, I set myself a goal to get it done for this year’s birthday (early August), allowing time for framing.  When I was finishing it up, I realised the pattern called for about 300 french knots, and whilst I’d normally not deviate from the pattern so significantly (being an obsessive rule-abider!), after laying down a few knots, I determined they didn’t look very good at all. If I used one strand, they dissolved into the fabric, and if I used two, they looked like fat ants all over the place.  So I placed about 20 where they definitely needed it, and left the rest off.  The result was, in my opinion, far superior as the delicate stitching around the flowers didn’t get lost in a morass of chunky french knots.  See for yourself!

I was very pleased with the framing efforts of my very reliable local framing man. He always does a stellar job of choosing just the right frame and matting.

I gave the completed work to my mother-in-law a couple of weeks back and she seemed to like it so all in all I consider it a successful project.  But I’m glad it’s finished, lol!

3 Responses to “The long-awaited secret project revealed!”

  1. Margie says:

    Well done! 😀 It looks lovely framed – he has done a fantastic job yet again. :)

  2. Josina says:

    Hi Tehkellah

    Any chance of getting a copy of the pattern. I’m dutch myself and would love to make a sample like yours. You did a fabulous job!

    Kind regards

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