03 MarNeedlecraft Magic projects

Hello fellow stitchers!  I get a lot of requests on my blog for patterns from the now out-of-print periodical Needlecraft Magic. Yes, I still do have all the patterns.

I will scan and upload the most requested patterns over the coming weeks/months.  I haven’t done it before because my scanner is not a permanent fixture on my computer desk, and it always feels like such a chore getting it out and setting it up.

But I will do them soon, and will post them here when they are available, so stay tuned!

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  1. Marlene says:


    Hope to find you well.

    I urgently looking for the Heirloom Quit rose pattern, I started the project move house and now I cant find my pattern and I only have 3 more rose cross stitch panels to complete.

    Hope you will be able to help me.

    Thanks a mil

    • tehkella says:

      I’ll have a look through and see if I can find it!

    • tehkella says:

      Oh Marlene, I’m so sorry I took so long with this – you’ve probably found your patterns by now and finished the quilt! But if not, the patterns are on my blog now. I’ve removed the cover images to save space but all the actual instructions are there now.

  2. sharon says:

    hi. I am looking for the pattern that came with the free mini birth sampler. Hope you can help.

    • tehkella says:

      Is that the one with the little ducks? I’ve stitched it a few times, so should still have the pattern. Will see if I can track it down!

    • tehkella says:

      Hi Sharon, sorry I took so long but the pattern is up on the blog now! I also included the main sampler :)

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