21 MarStonehenge Bookmark

Call the media, I finished a project AND made a blog post!

Today I completed the Stonehenge Bookmark by friend Margie gave me after her trip to the UK a while back.  I have lacked motivation until just recently, so I’ve been taking advantage when inspiration struck.  I finished the cross stitching yesterday, and the backstitching today.  I originally planned to do the finishing touches over the weekend, but I couldn’t stop thinking about it this evening, so I went ahead and completed it.

Here is a closeup of the stitching:

Looking good!

Looking good!

And here is the finished project, with the tassle attached:

Tassle attached

Tassle prettiness!

2 Responses to “Stonehenge Bookmark”

  1. Margie says:

    Oooh noice, very noice! 😀

    • tehkella says:

      Thanks Margie! I’m pleased with how it turned out (even though I mangled the finishing touches, which thankfully you can’t see unless you turn it over and look closely!) And guess what, I did some of my other project tonight too. Will do it for a while until it bores me again, then I’ll start something new!

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