24 OctWizard Throw

You may recall a post from ages ago that showcased me stitching an elaborate wizard design, whilst nursing Zeus on my lap (may he rest in peace).  That photo was taken some 12 or so years ago.  Well, have I a surprise for you!

Here it is, in case you forgot. I can’t believe I stitched that whole thing with that tiny hoop!

This weekend, I had a brainwave.  Friends Jon and Anita were coming around for a board game night, and I’d just bought a new dice game to try out and I thought, “gee it would be nice to have a fancy dice mat!” so I went poking around in my craft box to see if I had any fabric I could use.  To my delight, I noticed my old unfinished wizard project and realised this would make a great dice mat.  After all these years, I finally had an idea of what to do with it, and therefore some inspiration to finish it off!

You see, all my other projects have been framed, but this one was designed to be a “throw” with gold piping and tassels around the edges.  But I just couldn’t think where I’d “throw” it without it getting wrecked.  The dice mat idea was perfect – bring it out for games nights, and pack it safely away the rest of the time.

Thankfully, I had all the supplies I needed (along with a receipt from 2001 when I bought them, LOL!), so having some of my crafty gal pals around for an afternoon of stitching was the perfect time to complete this project.  Firstly I want to say a big thank you to Margie for helping me back the project with fabric and encouraging me to machine stitch it.  Thanks also to Gemma for her support during a stressful stitching exercise!

After much ironing, machining and hand stitching the piping and tassels on with fiddly gold thread, here is the fruit of my labour!

The design is from a book by Julie Hasler called Fantasy Cross Stitch


It also proved lucky with me winning the first game we played on it!

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