02 SepCross stitch jewellry

I got an email from Sew and So today (a great craft shop in the UK), which inspired me to make a post here. The post is mostly to remind me that cross stitch jewellery is a thing that I should definitely get started on!

Here’s the link that inspired me, on the Sew and So blog.

I’d like to make some hair pins, or brooches – pendants are cute too!


14 JulMore Needlecraft Magic patterns

Sorry sorry sorry! I’m so slack!  For those people who requested specific patterns, I hope you still need them!

Mini Birth Sampler (and the main pattern too)


Miniature House

006 007 008

Heirloom Quilt

010 025 024 023 021 020 019 017 016 015 013 011

28 AugThe long-awaited secret project revealed!

After what feels like a decade, but was actually only two years, I have completed a very secret cross stitch project. I had the idea back then to stitch a nice delft blue sampler for my mother-in-law as she is Dutch and has a lovely collection of delft objects.  I selected what I thought was a nice, easy project and figured I could get it completed for Christmas that year.  However, when I started it, I realised there would be some issues with my being a speedy stitcher.  The pattern itself was very small, with faded print so it was quite hard to read.  Some of the icons were so faded I had to guess if there was really an icon there, or if it was just meant to be blank space!  Also, the colours were very similar which as many of us probably come to realise, can prove quite boring after a while!  We yearn for something different to work with!  The project was actually quite a lot larger than I anticipated as well, so that added to the time.

So all these little issues combined with my general craft slackness meant it was a couple of years before I finally finished the project.  When I was getting close to the final stitches, I set myself a goal to get it done for this year’s birthday (early August), allowing time for framing.  When I was finishing it up, I realised the pattern called for about 300 french knots, and whilst I’d normally not deviate from the pattern so significantly (being an obsessive rule-abider!), after laying down a few knots, I determined they didn’t look very good at all. If I used one strand, they dissolved into the fabric, and if I used two, they looked like fat ants all over the place.  So I placed about 20 where they definitely needed it, and left the rest off.  The result was, in my opinion, far superior as the delicate stitching around the flowers didn’t get lost in a morass of chunky french knots.  See for yourself!

I was very pleased with the framing efforts of my very reliable local framing man. He always does a stellar job of choosing just the right frame and matting.

I gave the completed work to my mother-in-law a couple of weeks back and she seemed to like it so all in all I consider it a successful project.  But I’m glad it’s finished, lol!

28 JunSome Needlecraft Magic patterns, finally

Hi everyone

As promised a billion times, here are some of the Needlecraft Magic patterns that you often request.  I will post more when I stitch them.

Click on the image to get the full size, so you can print it off.

Seraphina Ballerina




Marmalade cats


Strawberry cover (plus a bonus)

007 strawb1

Cactus plants (also a bonus)

cactus1 cactus2

Fish tile (not sure I posted my stitched pic of this, but oh well!)


Enjoy! :)

03 MarNeedlecraft Magic projects

Hello fellow stitchers!  I get a lot of requests on my blog for patterns from the now out-of-print periodical Needlecraft Magic. Yes, I still do have all the patterns.

I will scan and upload the most requested patterns over the coming weeks/months.  I haven’t done it before because my scanner is not a permanent fixture on my computer desk, and it always feels like such a chore getting it out and setting it up.

But I will do them soon, and will post them here when they are available, so stay tuned!

04 JulPossible next project

I had a birthday recently, and my wonderful friend, Margie, got me an awesome new cross stitch kit as a present.  Isn’t it great?  It encompasses many of my passions 😛

Cats AND shoes :D

Cats AND shoes :D

I have kept it out on the dining table in an effort to inspire myself to do more stitching.  It would be really nice to do a major project that I enjoyed (and that didn’t take me years to complete).  I think it’s a good size, so I would like to start it soon.  Hopefully I can have a progress update in a few weeks… but don’t hold your breath LOL!

21 MarStonehenge Bookmark

Call the media, I finished a project AND made a blog post!

Today I completed the Stonehenge Bookmark by friend Margie gave me after her trip to the UK a while back.  I have lacked motivation until just recently, so I’ve been taking advantage when inspiration struck.  I finished the cross stitching yesterday, and the backstitching today.  I originally planned to do the finishing touches over the weekend, but I couldn’t stop thinking about it this evening, so I went ahead and completed it.

Here is a closeup of the stitching:

Looking good!

Looking good!

And here is the finished project, with the tassle attached:

Tassle attached

Tassle prettiness!

26 JanAlways the way

It’s been ages since I did some cross stitching – nearly two months I’d say, and then I only did 8 stitches because I was too busy talking and eating!

Last night I felt inspired and decided to pull out my Stonehenge bookmark to work on.  But wouldn’t you know it, I can not for the life of me find it anywhere.  I’ve searched high and low and it has disappeared.  I guess I should probably start a new project, but my scissors and other bits and pieces are in the bag with the cross stitch.  Sigh.

20 DecHello world! I’ve moved hosts!

Please excuse any mess as I tidy up the place – I moved hosts and had to do all the hard server set up stuff myself, so things might be a bit wacky while I sort it all out!

24 OctWizard Throw

You may recall a post from ages ago that showcased me stitching an elaborate wizard design, whilst nursing Zeus on my lap (may he rest in peace).  That photo was taken some 12 or so years ago.  Well, have I a surprise for you!

Here it is, in case you forgot. I can’t believe I stitched that whole thing with that tiny hoop!

This weekend, I had a brainwave.  Friends Jon and Anita were coming around for a board game night, and I’d just bought a new dice game to try out and I thought, “gee it would be nice to have a fancy dice mat!” so I went poking around in my craft box to see if I had any fabric I could use.  To my delight, I noticed my old unfinished wizard project and realised this would make a great dice mat.  After all these years, I finally had an idea of what to do with it, and therefore some inspiration to finish it off!

You see, all my other projects have been framed, but this one was designed to be a “throw” with gold piping and tassels around the edges.  But I just couldn’t think where I’d “throw” it without it getting wrecked.  The dice mat idea was perfect – bring it out for games nights, and pack it safely away the rest of the time.

Thankfully, I had all the supplies I needed (along with a receipt from 2001 when I bought them, LOL!), so having some of my crafty gal pals around for an afternoon of stitching was the perfect time to complete this project.  Firstly I want to say a big thank you to Margie for helping me back the project with fabric and encouraging me to machine stitch it.  Thanks also to Gemma for her support during a stressful stitching exercise!

After much ironing, machining and hand stitching the piping and tassels on with fiddly gold thread, here is the fruit of my labour!

The design is from a book by Julie Hasler called Fantasy Cross Stitch


It also proved lucky with me winning the first game we played on it!