Sega Shinobi Suicide Fix

Same mate who had the Warriors of Fate PCB also got a Sega Shinobi PCB in a cab he got hold of. Again these boards also have a suicide battery which maintains an encryption table. These boards are very easy to modify to bring them back to life after the battery dies.


The Dead Battery Society again comes to the rescue with good instructions and unencrypted ROM files. On this board they have encased the battery and CPU in an epoxy block labelled FD1094. To fix this suicided board it is necessary to replace the components highlighted below:

FD1094 – Replace this with a stock 68000 CPU running at least 10Mhz

EPROM Chips – The two chips are 27C512 512Kbit eproms. You can actually erase these with a UV eraser and reprogram, or if you are a stickler for preservation remove the chips and keep as is, sourcing a couple of replacements for programming.

For reference the board pictured below is a System 16A. The CPU & EPROMS are socketed for easy removal & replacement.



Now the new CPU and EPROMS have been installed.



And now we have a suicide free board! Of course after performing this procedure, if the board still does not work it is possible there are other issues that need to be fixed.



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