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One thing I like about old consoles is some of the accessories you can get for them. The Intellivision has several accessories, and recently I was given an ECS computer module and keyboard. The computer module was touted that it could turn the Intellivision into a computer, making it possible to write programs and store them to tape, and interface with a printer. However I believe that the ECS computer module provided very limited ability to do much that was useful. It is needed for some games that require the extra capability provided by the module.


One such game, World Series Major League Baseball also has speech commentary if you also have an Intellivoice module. These modules are cool to have, as there are 5 games in total that were released that have speech in them. Several more Intellivoice games were in development, but not released.



I call this configuration “The Aircraft Carrier”



There are couple of things I discovered using the ECS computer module:

1) Although the instruction manual implied you could use the ECS module without a game cartridge inserted, I could not get it to work without a game inserted.

2) Some game cartridges would boot straight into the game.

3) Some game cartridges would first boot into the ECS Computer Module menu screen. From here you can select whether to boot into Basic, into the Cartridge or into a music program.

I am not sure whether there is anything wrong with my ECS module, or if this is just the way my setup works. So if you come across an ECS Computer module and it appears to not work, you may need to try a couple of cartridges in it to be able to boot into Basic or the music program.





  1. Thank you! – I believe that may be the issue on mine – I just got one on eBay and also bought World Series Baseball – I found that the computer module power supply was bad. I just ordered one, so we will see – my assumption is once the module is powered, I will most likely see the game or a menu – hoping the game is not defective. Thanks for this excellent post.

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