Atari XEGS S-Video Mod

The Atari XEGS is an awesome console with some excellent games. However I have never been happy with the composite output, which seems quite poor. There is no option to mod the XEGS for RGB unless you invest in the VBXE, which seems to be a rather high end option. The next best thing is performing an S-Video Mod.

I did some research online and found a few options, and found some very well documented instructions. I have attached a PDF copy of the instructions further below.


Full credit to the creator of the article. It includes a full parts list, all of which are easily obtained. The instructions are very clear, and easy to follow. I will just provide a copy of the article, and provide some photos of my mod. My screenshot doesn’t really show this is a quality picture, much better than the composite output.

Super_Video_S_video_for_the_XEGM (1)

To dismantle the console, turn it upside down and remove the screws, then remove the top casing.


The console is covered in metal shielding. The complete unit can be removed from the bottom part of the case at this stage. The top and bottom shielding parts are secured by bent taps. Carefull pry these straight with pliers to remove the shielding.




And there we have the motherboard. Following the instructions, there are several components which need to be removed and replaced with different values. I found removing some of the components a bit more difficult than expected, as they were a bit stubborn, especially where one side of the component was on a ground plain.



One difference I made was with the resistors on the Chrome & Luma lines. The instructions say to connect these directly to the S-Video connector pins. To neaten things up I placed theses on a small piece of strip board, and included a bunch of wires to top and connect the s-video connection. Doing this way allows me to make it a bit neater.



Right where I wanted to place the S Video connector would not be possible due to the shielding, so I cut a portion of the shielding away with a Dremel & cutting wheel.



When drilling the hole for the S Video connector, I make a few small holes together, and then just use a small rounded file to remove the rest and make a neat hole. In the picture below I still need to file the hole back further.


I attached the strip board “wire hub” with double sided tape. You may notice I have also added the connections to switch composite / S Video. This is probably not required in most cases, but I added it anyway seeing as I had everything apart.



Note the connections to the S Video jack and the switch. I have used heat shrink tubing on the jack connectors for a neat finish.



Mod completely installed.




One more look at the result (excuse relatively poor camera work)



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