Loewe Calida 5072 – CRT Goodness

If you are like me there is no place for modern LCD/ Plasma displays in retro gaming. Some people have managed to get good results with scanline generators and the like, but while I still can use CRTs I will.

If you search on retro gaming forums there is often talk of what are the best quality CRT Televisions to use. Often mentioned is the Loewe Calida 5072. This TV uses a Loewe E3000 chassis, and together with the Black Matrix Philips tube produces a fantastic picture. Now I already have a NEC XM29 broadcast monitor and a variety of smaller PVMs and RGB monitors, but when I noticed one of these for sale locally I couldn’t let it pass.

The Calida 5072 ticks a few boxes for retro gaming:

– 4:3 Screen
– Not 100HZ!
– RGB Euro Scart
– Slightly curved screen but not flat
– Reasonable amount of adjustment possible via standard & service menu

These days CRTs of this size are hard enough to give away, let alone to sell. The Calida local to me was advertised for $75, with a fault where one speaker had a hissing noise coming from it. Only retro gamers who knew what I did would bother paying money for this TV these days. I talked the seller down to $25 and the deal was done.



Here is the TV – 68cm screen size.

Upon getting the TV home to try, the static noise coming out of one of the speakers was very distracting. To solve this I went for an easy method. Firstly I tried reseating the speaker connections within the TV. That made no difference, so I disconnected the internal speakers and used the RCA speaker out connections on the rear to use external speakers instead.


Before removing the back to have a look at the speakers I laid the TV down face first on the floor. Make sure the TV screen cannot get scratched when doing this. Remove the 5 screws as indicated, and the whole back cover will come off by lifting up.





The speaker connections will easily come off.

Now before having some serious gaming, you may need to do some adjustments to the TV. Some things to note:

– The RGB & composite ports may need to be assigned as channels. As part of the set up, you can also specify whether they are 50 HZ, 60 HZ or auto detect. I set up auto detect for each, plus individual 50 HZ & 60 HZ assignments.

– The Calida can be set to require a signal to use RGB, or not require one. This is handy for gear which does not put out a signal to switch a TV to RGB.

– The screen height and width may need to be adjusted slightly to fit a full 60 HZ NTSC screen. This can be done via the service menu.

– You need a remote to set everything up!

To help with all this here are some resources:

Accessing Service Mode – To access service mode turn the TV on, and pull down the front flap near the power switch. Press the function key (clockwise arrow) until Service is highlighted on the screen. Immediately press the Menu button on the remote control. The menu button is in the part of the remote control that the cover needs to be slid down to reveal. Now the Service Menu will appear.


Service Mode Documentation Service Mode


Pic1 Pic2

A couple of pictures of Neo Geo AES hooked up to the Calida – a beautiful sharp RGB picture.


  1. Did you have any trouble getting the geometry for the RGB signal to fill the full width of the screen? I’ve got a Calida myself but I have no end of geometry problems with it.

  2. I did have some issues, as I couldn’t get the entire screen to fit. So depending on the console/ game some of the edges are a little bit cut off. However for most games I am happy to forgive that due to the quality of the picture.

  3. Hi, do you have the owners manual with the size of the TV or can you measure it.

    I already own a Concept 7000 with the C9003 chassis but also want a E3000. There a three Calida 5072 and one Concept Plus 700 i can get but maybe the Calida is to big (space).

    I also own a 16:9 100Hz Aventos 3981 ZW and the Concept has the same height – so it looks nice on the shelf 🙂

    1. Hi, the viewable tube size is 68cm, the entire tube is about 72cm. The entire front unit is approx 60cm high by 68cm width.

  4. Thanks but the tube size is clear 🙂
    Just 60cm? The 70/66 tube Concept’s are 59.5cm high so i thought the 72/68 TVs are much higher.

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