Outrun Restore Part 1 – Teardown

Time to start restoration of my upright Outrun cabinet! Outrun is such an iconic racer. The sounds, the colours, the speed, I am so excited to be on the way to having a working restored cabinet. This cabinet is complete but in poor condition. Very dirty on the inside, full of cobwebs. Many rusted parts, force feedback and steering unit very dirty with broken gears. No side art, steering bezel cracked and broken. Monitor chassis in poor condition, pedals rusted, game board not working. So I’ve got my work cut out for this one! The first thing to document is the teardown, so I can concentrate on cabinet repairs first.

So here it is, in its current state from the front.
I haven’t cleaned it up at all since I got it, but it was stored outside but undercover by previous owner.
Lots of dirt and cobwebs in here
Coin box covered in rust.
Coinbox removed.
Front coin mech plate removed
Steering & force feedback. Needs a complete clean, with some parts needing replacement.
Removed front bezel and steering unit
Removed glass and bezel

The screws holding the accelerator pedal in are rusted. Couldn’t get them to budge using WD40 or giving them a good knock. I managed to fit a hacksaw blade under the pedal so I could saw through the bolts. Later I will remove the remainder of the bolts.

Tada! rusted bolts removed.

Lots of dirt.

In the rear panel, terminal block connecting some mains voltages.

Removed the mains lead cage.

Next up the 2 power supplies will be removed.

Not sure why there were 2, unless one died and it was left in.

See the transformer blocks.

Power distributor in front section.

Lots of spider webs

Found $2.20 and a cigarette butt under the transformer mount.

Wooden bezel mount.


Fan removed. Very dirty, probably not going to work well even if it was cleaned thoroughly.

Removed the tube & frame.

Fluro tube and speakers

Speakers removed

Amp PCB.

Amp PCB removed

rear panel external showing how filthy it is. Looks like the black laminate was painted black at some stage

More lovely spiderwebs on the back of the rear panel.


  1. Great Work on a Classic Cabinet and a rare version of it too.
    It would be great to see your restoration on our Facebook Group,
    OutRun Arcade Owners and Enthusiast Group.
    It would be good to see you there.

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