LAI Space Invaders Restore Project Complete (Part 5)

I had a few tasks ahead to complete the restoration. The good news is everything went smoothly, with no sticking points.

First up time to make a new cardboard bezel for the monitor. The old one is a bit scummy. I couldn’t find a piece of cardboard large enough at a local stationary store, but will just attach 2 pieces together.

The old bezel is ratty, discoloured and ready to fall apart.
Tracing out the shape and size
New bezel looks neat, and the join in the cardboard won’t be seen once in place
A perfect fit!

The perspex bezel that came with this cabinet had very bad crazing (look back to part 1). But I did have a spare in good condition I had been holding onto for a very long time for this moment!

The replaced bezel looks great. Cabinet really coming together nicely.

I had a spare standard L shape PCB with standard roms to use in place of the PCB that came with this cabinet, which was running a hacked rom of Space Invaders 3. This pcb was missing the thump thump sound of the invaders advancing. Luckily it was an easy fix – just a capacitor with a broken leg right on the thump thump sound about. Replaced that, now have a fully working PCB.

A wealth of information is available online about Space Invaders PCB repair, in case you have more serious board issues.

My cabinet didn’t come with the back door. So time to make a new one. Using 18mm mdf, cut to size.

The door lock panel cutout is marked.
Used a holesaw for the lock, and cut out the recess bit by bit using a chisel.
Getting reader to cut the lip using a router
Door now ready for paint & vinyl install
3 in 1 sealer, primer & undercoat plus black edges. After a light sand ready for vinyl application.
In progress vinyl application
After installing cam lock, this is the first time this cab has had a back door for a long time!

Now the restore is more or less complete! Looks great all back together now.

Looking good from the front
Repro side art looks great
The other side
Its not the best photo, but the moon backdrop looks great. The heartbeat thump thump thump sounds great cranked up through the speaker. What will the next project be?


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