LAI Space Invaders New Side Art & Control Panel (Part 3)

Time to apply new side art, and new control panel overlay! We are fortunate to have Noodleshirt in Australia to supply our arcade artwork needs. I wanted to get the artwork colour as close as practical to the original, so sent off the remainder of the artwork I removed so they could colour match. Unfortunately you can’t print the same deep blue tones present in screen printed artwork from back in the day, but I am very happy with the end result. Noodleshirt also created a LAI compatible overlay based on the Taito scan. The LAI panel is a different size.

So here is the new side art. Looks good!
Before applying the artwork, i give the prepped surface a good wipedown with tack cloth to remove all dust and dirt.
First thing to do is score part of the backing, so you can tear it off when starting to apply. After carefully positioning the side art, I clamp it in place at one end.
After removing the scored backing at the bottom end, I use a soft squeegee to remove air bubbles and stick down.
Carefully slowly remove all backing as I proceed, until all is applied.
To help cutting in the excess I use a metal ruler to keep the knife straight and prevent cutting into the wood.
All cut in now. looks great!
Added new T-moulding
Here is the new control panel overlay!
This is the existing panel. Although the artwork is in poor condition, I can’t bring myself to sand it down and place the new CPO over it. I will need to make a new panel.
One difference for the new panel is I am not going to use the same joystick. I don’t have an original space invaders 2 way stick, but I am going to use a stick which is similar and does not require a huge hole
A mate helped out folding and cutting some scrap aluminium. We cut in some holes apart from the joystick, as I will need to measure that out carefully.
Have marked out where the slot will go.
Cut in holes with a drill press to remove the bulk.
Filed down to size
The wooden base will need some changes to mount the different joystick. See on the left the slot in the old base it was removed from.
Used a holesaw to cut the same curves, then filed down.
The sunken part of the control panel will need to be filled (the drilled again! Started out attaching a scrap piece the right thickness.
Will fill in some of the outer gap with 2 part epoxy
Only did a rough job, but it is good enough for under the panel
Cutout and added mounting holes for different 2 way joystick
Time to apply the new overlay to the control panel. I am using the wet method for this. In the spray bottle there is water with one drop of liquid detergent in it.
Always use a tack cloth on the surface before applying artwork. First thing to do is position the artwork exactly to line up with the holes, then clamp in place. Before removing the backing, spray some water with the single drop of detergent in the bottle .
Once the artwork is applied to the control panel, squeeze out all air bubble using a squeegee. Wait until the water has dried before trimming the edges.
The control panel looks good!


  1. Hi – I just picked up the same Cab in Melbourne that is in need of some artwork – do you think you could pass on where you got it printed.



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