Back again and Sega Mark III clean up


So my last post was about 12 months ago. In the first half of the year I was very busy, and working on my projects went down the priorities list. Then, in May 2018 my hometown was hit by record rainfalls and flooding. Although we managed to save all our personal belongings from water damage by bailing out water from 10pm to 6am the next day, some rooms were soaked and required building works and re carpeting. Heaviest hit was our games room, so for a period of 6 months we had to live in a mess as all our collection was scattered around the house, not really conducive to working on fun staff. Add to that delays getting repairs completed as demand for builders was unprecedented, then dealing with builder price gouging didn’t help. Recently all restoration work was completed, and things are back to normal. Picture below shows some of the games room damage.

So onto good news – right after the repair work was completed, I had a trip to Japan and picked up a few goodies – one being a Sega Mark III console.

For anyone who is unfamiliar with the Mark III, its hardware is similar to Sega Master System, although Sega Master System and Mark III cartridges are physically different sizes. However I believe there are some hardware adapters you can get, and if you own a flash cartridge such as an Everdrive you can play Mark III roms on Master System hardware. One difference between the Master System and Mark III is that the Mark III can play SG-1000 cartridges and gamecards natively which is pretty cool.

My Sega Mark III was a loose console with one controller, which cost me about AUD $60. I was pretty happy with that, considering that I only visited game stores in the big cities where bargains are few and far between. To be honest, I would much rather spend my time in Japan visiting awesome attractions and beautiful shrines & temples than driving to all the out of the way hard off stores for a week. As much as I love gaming, Japan has SO much on offer that looking for cheap retro games is always a bit further down the list of priorities.

So here it is – a little bit dirty, but it will clean up nicely. The good thing about Sega Mark III is you can use a Megadrive power supply (9v 850 mA) and Megadrive AV cables. The Mark III does do RGB, but it is an un-amplified signal. Making a video amp for this is on my to do list. I tested the console with my megadrive cables and it worked fine.


Now to clean the console up. As usual, the best way to do this is to pull the console apart and give the casing a bath. It is fairly simple to pull apart, be mindful of a couple of things. Once removing the case screws from underneath the console, turn the console over and gently pull the top case off. Be careful, as you then need to remove the screws attaching the card reader to the top case. This is slightly tricky as the card reader ribbon cable is not long. then remove the 2 screws for the cartridge port. Finally there are a couple of plastic tabs holding the motherboard in place. These can be gently manipulated with a flathead screwdriver from under the casing allowing the motherboard to be popped out.


Bathtime! As usual, I normally get a magic eraser microfibre sponge on the job. They do a great job.


Now looking very clean. Came up a treat!


The joypad is actually already quite clean – Clean enough that it doesn’t need a wash.

Hint – I have ordered a flash cart that can be used with Mark III & SC3000. Will do a review when I get it!

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