LAI Space Invaders Restore – Teardown & Cabinet Repairs (Part 2)

This post has been a long time coming. My progress stalled for over a year after our house was flood damaged. Time to get back into this project!

Time to tear the cabinet down & make some repairs to the woodwork. It is in very poor shape. Taking everything out will make it easier to work on. A bunch of these photos aren’t too exciting, they are just for my reference.

Couple of connectors for the coin door

Coin door removed.

Couple of connectors at the back for lights.

Bezel removed, & tube removed.

Metal panel removed, and complete unit removed.


Removed control panel.


Removed unit housing background & moonscape, now removed mirror.

Removed tube connections & neckboard.


Removed tube & chassis from cabinet. Just about empty now!

Now that everything has been removed from the cabinet, up on its side it goes. First thing is to fix the broken wheel base. I reckon what has happened is that at some stage it has been removed from the back of a vehicle or something and dropped on its wheels.


It’s a pain to removed, being screwed, nailed & glued in.

After some patience & brute force it is removed.

I purchased a length of hardwood to replace the base. As it was slightly thicker and wider, to allow it to fit I chipped a little off the thickness at each end with a chisel. After drilling holes for the wheels and some mucking about the new wheel base is attached.


The remaining side art will be removed. Some pictures for future reference.


Now a boring bare side, which needs to be cleaned up.

Starting with this corner, it is very brittle and water damaged. A lot of it chipped and flaked off.

Using Plasti Bond, the gap was filled in and sanded to form the right shape. To create the T Moulding groove, firstly a hacksaw was used to cut a gouge, then a small square needle file to finish the job off.


After removing the remaining side art, adhesive needed to be removed. Used Goof Off for this. Next some new feet for the base.


After removing the adhesive and giving the panels a good sand, applied some 3 in 1 primer/sealer/undercoat. Followed up with a light sand.


Applied some new matt black vinyl to some panels, also replaced some screws and cup washers.

Time to remove the speaker grill and the metal kick plate across the front at the bottom. Drilling with progressively larger bits until the rivet cap pops out does the job.

Surprisingly under the kick plate the artwork is still reasonable, although needs a tidy up. I don’t know how/ why but some black spray paint has obscured some of the large invader. Using Goof Off is doing a good job of getting it off without too much damage underneath.


And now looking much better! I used paint pens to touch up some of the red and black areas. You can’t really tell unless looking close.

Now have flipped the cab to fix up the other side. After removing adhesive with Goof Off again, there are some holes and a couple of wayward screws poking out. For the screws I have cut them off with a saw blade.

After digging out dead wood from the holes, I placed screws in to give some epoxy filler something to hang onto for the larger holes. After the filler dried, the excess was sanded off to a smooth finish.


A neat straight cut was made in the corner of the cab where a piece was removed. I got some help cutting a new piece out with a bandsaw.


After painting underneath, I place some black vinyl that will be exposed similar to the original panel. Titebond was used to attach the new wooden piece, and also held in place with 3 screws.

The gaps and holes were filled in, then sanded back to smooth. I cut a new channel for t-moulding using a handsaw as it was only a small piece to be done.

Finish off with a couple of coats of primer/sealer/undercoat on the side to prep for an eventual side art application.

Next progress will be putting things back together, including using an alternative CRT monitor.

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