Retro Pickups Atari, Sinclair, Aquarius

Recently came across some lots of retro pickups locally. Firstly a bunch of mostly Sinclair stuff, with a bonus Aquarius.

So we have here:

  • Boxed ZX Spectrum 2+
  • Boxed ZX81
  • Spectrum +
  • Boxed Mattel Aquarius
  • Heap of Spectrum tape games, and some accessories.

Now for the Atari ST lot:

  • 2 x 1040 STe
  • Monochrome hi res monitor
  • Bunch of software including CUBASE & Notator Alpha – the previous owner was clearly into music creation.
  • Some great games including some greats such as Stardust, Captain Blood, Hunter, and the great Geoff Crammonds Grand Prix.

As usual I will clean these up and fix if they need work. I will be keeping all of this, although if I found someone to swap a 1040 STe for a 520STe that would be a bonus.

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