Terminator 2 Arcade Restore – The final touches (Part 3)

I am on the home stretch of finishing this project now!

I have noticed that the bezel I have is way smaller than the tube. I think the standard tube size for T2 is 59 CM, and it looks like mine has been replaced with a 63cm tube.

As the tube works perfectly well, and the size actually looks fine in the cab I won’t change it back to 59cm. I have removed the bezel as I decided against trimming it, and have pointed the monitor support back just to make it less visible. If I have to I will make a bezel from black cardboard .



Although you can’t really see them, the wheels have some rust on them. I will clean them up and paint with silver zinc. Also one of the levelers is missing, so I found a spare and just need to replace the screw in support.


After rust removal the wheel brackets have been given a few coats of Silver Zinc paint.


To get underneath the cab to fix up the leg levelers I propped it up so I could get my hands underneath. See the bottom left, and the nylon lock nut to hold the leg leveler in place.


I made up a new bezel using thick black cardboard. See in the picture below I bought an oil based sharpie for touching up the black artwork. More on that soon. I created a template for the tube size with white paper and cut around it.


Bezel is a good fit, and hides bolts etc you can sometimes see in the mirror reflection when playing the game.


I have touched up the black areas on the artwork with the black oil based sharpie. This has turned out better than expected, hardly noticeable up close, and looks excellent a step back. I recommend clicking on the before & after pictures to open them up for a closer look.

Bought some new 906 lamps for the 3D effects when you get shot. Need to take the mirror out to easily get to the lamp boards. Everything all working now


Last thing to do is give the coin box a bit of a tidy. I will remove paint and rust from the top and chute, then give it a spray.



The coinbox handle was a bit rusted, so cleaned up and painted with silver zinc. Looks good in the cab now.


And that’s it! – another project finished!

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