New Project Time – Outrun!

Well sooner than expected I couldn’t pass up this new project, an upright Outrun! It is not working, and needs a lot of TLC. This project needs to wait in line behind T2 and Space Invaders restoration. I am just imagining the sweet music and play of Outrun. Ahhhhhhhh



Bit rough on the outside. I actually have 2 PCBs, have been told both not working.




Pay careful attention to the end pic. The transport wheel brace is very bent! Will require effort to replace that 🙁



Wow never dreamed of a lineup like this!




  1. Nice to see you got an OutRun LAI. You can fully restore this I’m sure. There are more original parts on yours than there was on mine when I first got it.

    1. Thanks Taggsta. Looking forward to starting this one. Slow going on the Space Invaders restore, which I am just organising to get side art for right now from Noodleshirt. After Space Invaders Outrun can begin!

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