Sega SC3000H Pickup

I got lucky and picked up an “untested” SC3000H computer on eBay with a Basic Level III B cartridge, which offers 32K RAM. It was nice and cheap too.

I already have an SC3000 computer. The difference is that the standard SC3000 keyboard has rubber keys (but looks awesome!), and the SC3000H has a more PC like keyboard, easier for typing although it still uses a membrane and rubber pads under the keys.

The SC3000 requires a cartridge inserted to run. The Basic Level III B cartridge would not run, and as usual the suspect is dirty pin connectors. Using isopropyl alcohol wasn’t enough, so I needed to open the cartridge and using a fibreglass pencil to remove tarnish. This fixed the problem. The next thing was that the keyboard was not functioning properly. Some keys did not work, and others were producing the wrong letter. The first thing to try is reseating the keyboard membrane. Upon opening the case it was very clean, but the keyboard ribbon cables were very tight and hard to remove. After removal, the cables felt a bit sticky, probably gradually building up over years with moisture. After cleaning the stickiness off, the cables inserted back in much easier, and the keyboard worked perfectly. An easy fix!


The bundle also came with some programming manuals. The Computer Course book came from the “John Sands Sega Institute”. Wonder if that place was as cool as it sounds?


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