Chase HQ Upright Restore – New CP overlay, Finishing Touches & SCI Bonus! (Part 6)

This is the final installment for the Chase HQ restoration – Woo hoo!

Getting close to completion now! Now to sort out the control panel. On the angled underside prepped and installed new black vinyl.


Prepped remainder of control panel.


Cleaning up the control panel bolts. Used a small rotary tool wire brush to remove rust & paint, then set up for gloss black spray paint.


The steering bracket was hit with a wire brush on an angle grinder, then suspended for spray painting glass black.


Ordered a new CPO vinyl overlay from Lined up and held in place with some clamps.Carefully applied and smoothed down with a soft squeegee.


Trimmed down with craft knife, and now components put back in place. Looks great!


I managed to get hold of an SCI board, so am going to modify the cabinet to allow both Chase HQ & SCI boards on needing simply harness plug changes to swap games. As SCI has the extra shooting feature, I needed to mount a fire switch somewhere. After wiring the extra fire button into the harness, I decided to mount the fire button on the right hand side of the gear lever. Added an extra wire up through the lever shaft. As the plastic button on the right could be a bit weak over time, inside the cab I squeezed in an M16 washer and washer to give the fire button more support.


Looking good! The fire button easy easy to access from the gearstick.


Time to finish the SCI wiring harness.


SCI is mounted on the cabinet wall, whilst Chase HQ is mounted in the steering unit.


Reapplied the Taito build plate



Some photos of the game running (SCI). Excuse the poor action shots!


Few photos of the finished cabinet!


I’m happy to have finished this! Chase HQ is such a fun game, and its great to have SCI in the cabinet as well. SCI has Japanese voice, but its still cool. The next project will be T2!




  1. Hello! Great restore. I just had to comment on a quick personal story. I grew up playing Chase H.Q. in our local bowling alley in Clarksburg, WV. I played a lot since my parents were in leagues all the time. Anyway, I have been a Police Officer nearby for 10 years now. There is a reason, when I use my siren, I only use one version. The Chase H.Q. version! I do use different ones to break up the sound for intersections however. I only get to play on MAME now. The keyboard controls work just fine and I love using a turbo boost right before the Lambo! Thanks and keep up the great work!

  2. I do not know if we have any 911 dispatchers with the first name, but I have to respond on the radio with “Leave it to us Nancy baby!”

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