Chase HQ Upright Restore – Pedal, Transformers & Coin Door (Part 4)

The cabinet is starting to come together well now, and it feels like I am making progress! In this update I finish off the bottom half of the restoration.


First up I’ll do some work on the accelerator pedal. Taking a few screws off the unit for better access to the pedal.



The pedal itself had a hinge partly welded to it. The hinge itself is now badly worn and unusable. In order to attach a new hinge, I need to get the remains of the old one off. As the hinge is welded in a few spots, I can remove some of the hinge with force. To give me some space under the hinge, I hammered a nail in.



That gave me enough room to fit a cold chisel in. With a few bashes of a hammer most of the hinge came away. Where the hinge was welded I filed the spots down to a relatively flat surface.


My plan is to get a new hinge and araldite it to the pedal. Unfortunately I could not easily find a hinge close to the right width. So what I have done is bought a hinge about 1cm wider, then cut 5mm off either side for the part that will be attached to the pedal.


After taking a bit off the sides, I need to make same bigger holes in line with the pedal.


Before attaching the hinge to the pedal I hit the pedal with a wire brush to remove paint & rust. I am trying out extra strong araldite. Note the stronger stuff takes a lot longer to take hold, so be aware it will need to be clamped, and be careful not to bond the clamps to the adhesive.


The pedal gets a good coat of glass black, looking much nicer now. The new hinge has come up well too. The primed hinge is the way to go for ease of painting. Installed into cabinet now. Looks good and It operates exactly as hoped.



While I am at it a bunch of screws foe the pedal unit have had their heads cleaned ready for black glass paint.


This transformer just needs a bit of a clean to get some dirt off it. Looks a bit nicer now.



Pulling apart the coin door now to get to some parts that need a clean up. The surrounds for the coin slot & return chute have been cleaned up with wire brush, now painted with gloss black.


The coin door has 3 mechs in it, but only one was active. I will probably leave it like that. The active coin mech needs a credit board which I have put back in as well.



Starting to put the transformers & wiring into the cab now. Look nicer not being caked in dirt & dust as it was originally.



Power supply now installed, have neatened up the wiring so far with cable ties.


In the next update I will be getting rid of the filter PCB and replacing with an edge connector and finger board. The flasher PCBS will go in, and all wiring for the PCB will be fixed/ completed.

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