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  • Sega SC3000H Pickup

    I got lucky and picked up an “untested” SC3000H computer on eBay with a Basic Level III B cartridge, which offers 32K RAM. It was nice and cheap too. I already have an SC3000 computer. The difference is that the standard SC3000 keyboard has rubber […]

  • Nintendo Popeye Tabletop clean & fix

    You have to hand it to Nintendo, they made the most awesome portable collectible handheld games. As a casual collector of these, I am well aware of the value of these, making it difficult to collect unless you have a serious amount of money to […]

  • Terminator 2 Arcade Restore – Internal Clean & Tidy (Part 1)

    I remember back in the day when the Terminator 2 movie came out, and playing the arcade shooting game. This great big┬ábehemoth of a cabinet. Loud recoiling guns, movie like scenes and fantastic sounds. It comes as no surprise I have always wanted one as […]