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  • Sega Shinobi Suicide Fix

    Same mate who had the Warriors of Fate PCB also got a Sega Shinobi PCB in a cab he got hold of. Again these boards also have a suicide battery which maintains an encryption table. These boards are very easy to modify to bring them back […]

  • Warriors of Fate CPS1 Suicide Fix

    A mate of mine got hold of a Warriors of Fate CPS1 (actually 1.5 due to Q sound) PCB. Not knowing much about them apart from the fact that it was a Capcom board he threw some $$$ at it not knowing that this board […]

  • Chase HQ Upright Restore – The Teardown (Part 1)

    My next project will be a restore of a Taito Chase HQ cabinet. I have to say that as awesome as Chase HQ is, the quality of the build of this particular cabinet is really bad. Terrible chipboard, really not made to last. So I […]

  • Atari Basketball Arcade machine restore

    A while ago I picked up an Atari Basketball arcade machine. This is a black and white game made in 1979. I really like this one as it has trackball controls, so it is a bit unusual. I also really like the style of the […]