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  • Intellivision Stuff

    One thing I like about old consoles is some of the accessories you can get for them. The Intellivision has several accessories, and recently I was given an ECS computer module and keyboard. The computer module was touted that it could turn the Intellivision into […]

  • Amstrad 6128 Gotek Install HXC Firmware

    A while ago when the Cortex Firmware was released allowing low cost USB floppy emulators to be used in Amigas there were initial plans to release further firmware updates allowing usage on Atari ST and Amstrad 3″ drives. Unfortunately for a number of reasons I won’t […]

  • Commodore 64 Cartridge score

    Recently I had some luck on a game buy/sell/swap page and scored 6 Commodore 64 Cartridges for a good price. The cartridges I really wanted were Choplifter! and Lode Runner. They are not as easy to find as some of the C64 cartridge games, so I […]

  • C64 Diagnostic cartridge build

    Time to make a C64 Diagnostic Cartridge using a Visible Solar System donor cart. Refer to my previous post about making a C64 Dead Test Cartridge if you need instruction on how to open it. After opening the cartridge, see the front & back pictures.