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  • Amstrad 6128 Clean up and repair

    Recently a mate gave me a non working Amstrad 6128 computer. It does not power up at all, is absolutely filthy and I don’t even need to open it to know the disk drive wouldn’t work.Regardless of what the issue is causing it to not […]

  • Atari XEGS S-Video Mod

    The Atari XEGS is an awesome console with some excellent games. However I have never been happy with the composite output, which seems quite poor. There is no option to mod the XEGS for RGB unless you invest in the VBXE, which seems to be […]

  • Consolised Neo Geo 2 Slot MVS

    There is something great that cannot be explained about playing games on real Neo Geo hardware. However as anybody who has attempted to collect Neo Geo AES games can tell you, it can get insanely expensive very quickly. Luckily most MVS games can be found […]