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  • Dick Smith Wizzard/ Creativision Games Score

    Lately one of my goals has been to collect some of the less common computers and consoles from the early 1980s. Recently I picked up a boxed Dick Smith Wizzard/ Creativision console. The box was a bit beat up, but inside the console itself was in excellent […]

  • Spectravideo bits

    A fellow retro enthusiast picked up a whole bunch of stuff recently, and in it were some Spectravideo bits and pieces. I am looking for this type of gear, so took it off his hands. Unfortunately no computers or games themselves, but a 903 Tape […]

  • Transfer Atari ST images from PC to Atari ST using floppy disks

    There are many very good options to transfer Atari ST images to an actual Atari ST using devices like a HXC Floppy Disk Emulator or an Ultrasatan. However I wanted to transfer a few games to floppy disk using items I had on hand. This post explains […]

  • Tandy 128K Color Computer RGB Cable

    Almost obsessively I try to ensure that I can get the best output from all of my micro computers & consoles. More often than not this involves an RGB connection. The CoCo3 has an RGB output via a connector, although some effort is required to […]

  • BBC Micro Flash MMC Drive – Housing & Master Compact Mod

    I recently picked up a BBC Micro to go along with my BBC Master Compact. The success rate for working floppy disks was quite low, so a much better modern option is the use of a flash drive. A seller on eBay, ctorwy31 sells some MMC […]