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  • Loewe Calida 5072 – CRT Goodness

    If you are like me there is no place for modern LCD/ Plasma displays in retro gaming. Some people have managed to get good results with scanline generators and the like, but while I still can use CRTs I will. If you search on retro […]

  • Atari 1040 STE Quad TOS installation

    The Atari 1040 STe can have a simple modification to switch between multiple versions of TOS quite easily. I will install the following TOS versions: 1.06 1.62 2.06 Super TOS The mod requires the installation of new chips to replace the 2 LO & HI […]

  • LAI Moon Patrol Cocktail Machine Restoration

    This restoration thread won’t go into the same depth as my first LAI Cocktail Arcade Machine Restoration thread, so please refer to the original thread for more detail on some of the cosmetic work. Time to fix up Moon Patrol. This works, and isn’t too […]

  • Commodore 64 Dead Test Cartridge

    There seem to be a lot of Commodore 64s going strong today, but also a lot that have died. There are a few common causes of failure, however most of the time blindly replacing components is not a reliable way of fixing anything. I looked […]