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  • Atari ST and Amiga Serial Null Modem Link Up

    There are a number of games that can be played using serial null modem link ups on Amiga and Atari ST computers. For Stunt Car Racer (and possibly others) you can link an Amiga to an Atari ST for multiplayer.    

  • Atari 1040 STe Gotek install running HXC Firmware

    Ever since the Cortex firmware was released in 2014, allowing firmware flashing of the low cost Gotek USB floppy emulator to replace Amiga floppy drives, there has been the expectation of similar firmware releases for the Atari ST & Amstrad CPC. The creator of the Cortex […]

  • Transfer Atari ST images from PC to Atari ST using floppy disks

    There are many very good options to transfer Atari ST images to an actual Atari ST using devices like a HXC Floppy Disk Emulator or an Ultrasatan. However I wanted to transfer a few games to floppy disk using items I had on hand. This post explains […]

  • Atari 1040 STE Quad TOS installation

    The Atari 1040 STe can have a simple modification to switch between multiple versions of TOS quite easily. I will install the following TOS versions: 1.06 1.62 2.06 Super TOS The mod requires the installation of new chips to replace the 2 LO & HI […]