Terminator 2 Arcade Restore – Gun clean & fix (Part 2)

Following on from http://www.tehkella.net/retro/?p=1333. The guns on this need a bit of work. They are quite dirty, and the recoil doesn’t work. There is some sort of black grease on them. I don’t know where that has come from? EDIT: The black grease stuff is actually the bump stop on the gun recoil, which at some point has become black goo due to heat & usage.


First the black housing comes off. There is a bit of rust/ corrosion in there, including lots of rubbery bits.


New Project Time – Outrun!

Well sooner than expected I couldn’t pass up this new project, an upright Outrun! It is not working, and needs a lot of TLC. This project needs to wait in line behind T2 and Space Invaders restoration. I am just imagining the sweet music and play of Outrun. Ahhhhhhhh



Sega SC3000H Pickup

I got lucky and picked up an “untested” SC3000H computer on eBay with a Basic Level III B cartridge, which offers 32K RAM. It was nice and cheap too.

I already have an SC3000 computer. The difference is that the standard SC3000 keyboard has rubber keys (but looks awesome!), and the SC3000H has a more PC like keyboard, easier for typing although it still uses a membrane and rubber pads under the keys.


Nintendo Popeye Tabletop clean & fix

You have to hand it to Nintendo, they made the most awesome portable collectible handheld games. As a casual collector of these, I am well aware of the value of these, making it difficult to collect unless you have a serious amount of money to spend. One thing I wanted to do for some time is finish off my collection of the Tabletop games Snoopy, Donkey Kong JR, Marios Cement Factory & Popeye. Popeye eluded me for quite some time. Sure they are regularly available on eBay, but at a premium price. My patience was rewarded after many years finding a non working Popeye for sale locally. This was in reasonable condition, although with a lot of light scratching it doesn’t detract from the way it looks too much.


Terminator 2 Arcade Restore – Internal Clean & Tidy (Part 1)

I remember back in the day when the Terminator 2 movie came out, and playing the arcade shooting game. This great big behemoth of a cabinet. Loud recoiling guns, movie like scenes and fantastic sounds. It comes as no surprise I have always wanted one as an arcade collector. Well my wish came true a while ago. An 8 hour return trip and I am the proud owner of this fun game. I got it for a really good price, but it does need work!

Structurally this cabinet is in good condition. Unsurprising as it is made of thick laminated ply, and is very heavy! Much stronger than rubbish particle board. This cabinet has clear perspex covering most of the side art, probably to keep vandals at bay from scribbling graffiti on Arnies face.┬áThis is a good thing, as it has kept the artwork preserved.The gun mounts are rusted, and the guns are those which came with Revolution X, and not the original T2 Uzi style. This is not my preference, but I am fine with it seeing how hard it would be to find replacements! The guns have some weird grease on them, and the recoil is not working. The game does start up, but the monitor colours keep dropping out, and the sound is quiet and distorted. Finally the gun reticules don’t show on screen.


Chase HQ Upright Restore – New CP overlay, Finishing Touches & SCI Bonus! (Part 6)

This is the final installment for the Chase HQ restoration – Woo hoo!


Chase HQ Upright Restore – PCB & Harness Wiring plus Monitor Install (Part 5)

This time I sort out harness wiring modification and monitor installation, with some steering mech modifications


Chas HQ Upright Restore – Pedal, Transformers & Coin Door (Part 4)

The cabinet is starting to come together well now, and it feels like I am making progress! In this update I finish off the bottom half of the restoration.


Chase HQ Upright Restore – Steering Unit Set Up (Part 3)

At this point I was going to put new graphic decals on the steering unit, but for now I am just going to clean it up a little and get it functional. Putting new graphic overlays on won’t get done till the end of the project. I will also neaten up parts of the steering wheel assembly later. So this update won’t be very exciting. This is because I may end up trying to source a new steering unit unless what I come up with initially works well.


Chase HQ Upright Restore – Cabinet body repairs & cleanup (Part 2)

Following on from part 1, the initial teardown http://www.tehkella.net/retro/?p=853. Now this Chase HQ cab needs some body repairs straight up. At the same time before starting the internal rebuild, I will also cosmetically fix up most of the outside too. As this upright is mostly chipboard, it is not particularly strong in parts, which shows as the is damage around the lower rear plate, where at some stage parts have collapsed around the cabinet base and wheels. To tackle this I am actually going to work on the cabinet side on to start with.