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Christmas nails and eyes (plus bonus shoes!) for 2014

Friday, December 26th, 2014

As is somewhat of a tradition, I made up some fancy themed nails for Christmas this year.  I opted for red and silver this time, and used my remaining Christmas nail stickers to decorate them.  They turned out really well.

I alternated the silver glitter and red polish, carefully applied the stickers, and finished with a couple of coats of clear polish.





For my eyes, I used Lime Crime’s Siren (red) loose eyeshadow and applied it with a damp brush into the crease and eyelid, with signature sweep 😉  Then I used Chi Chi’s Cyber Vixen (silver) above the crease to the base of the brow bone (also with a damp brush).  Then I applied it again to the brow bone, but this time with a dry brush.  I also used a Chi Chi glitter eyeliner to add some sparkle.


And here I am with my wacky blue hair :)


And to finish off the look – sparkly shoes!


Pink and grey, for every day!

Friday, December 6th, 2013

Another simple look for today’s post – something you can wear day or night 😉

I used a medium silvery grey for the eyelid, stopping right at the crease.  Next I used my favourite highly pigmented pink Chi Chi on the crease and above to the start of brow bone.  I like the sharp edge on this one!

I love pink and silver together :)

I love pink and silver together :)

I blended the pink down into the grey just at the outer corner and smudged the two under my lower lashes just a bit.

Finished off with a grey/silver eyeliner pencil and lots of mascara to the upper lashes.

Mascara, mascara, mascara!

I’m able to apply eyeliner to the waterline without freaking out now LOL!

Bold red and silver rock look

Thursday, October 24th, 2013

I was wearing a faux KISS t-shirt so I thought I’d go for something rock-like and bold for my eyes.

First, I covered my lids all the way up to my eye brows in shiny metallic silver (Chi Chi’s Cyber Vixen).

Then I marked out a large wing of red on the outer corners, which fanned outwards and upwards to the end of my brows.  I used Lime Crime’s Siren for this.  I then lined my upper lashline with Makeup Geek’s amazing red gel eyeliner, Poison.

I really find it hard to stop using that red!

I really find it hard to stop using that red!

Next I applied white lines (in NYX’s Milk jumbo liner) to either side of the red panel, and applied a line of silver glitter (Chi Chi) on the lower side of the white line.

I then applied more of the NYX white liner to my lower water line, loaded up my lashes with black mascara, and we’re done!

I love the silver too :)

I love the silver too :)

Red and silver eyes

Monday, February 4th, 2013

Another look using my awesome Siren red eyeshadow by Lime Crime.  This time I was experimenting with red eyeshadow looks for my high school reunion (to go with my nails from the previous post).

Red and silver eyes with lots of black mascara.

Red and silver eyes with lots of black mascara.

I decided to try out a look with red and silver.  First I applied shimmery silver eyeshadow to my entire eyelid, right up to my brow bone.  I used a wet brush for more intense pigment.  Then I applied the red halfway between my eyelid and brow bone, around in the crease area, and flick out the ends carefully to make a wing.


I just can’t stop using this red eyeshadow!

Next I used a sparkly grey-black gel eyeliner to make a thin line at the base of my upper lashes, again flicking out the end to the wing.  I also applied some of this eyeliner to my lower lash line, and smudged some of the silver eye shadow and the inner and outer corners of my eye as a highlight.


I accidentally smudged the red a bit in the corner of one eye, so I did my best to make it look on purpose on both sides!

I applied three coats of black mascara to my upper lashes, and one to my lower lashes.  Tidy up my brows, and voila!, we’re done!

Red lipstick and a red hair band to finish the look :)

Red lipstick and a red hair band to finish the look :)

Silver and white eyes

Monday, November 19th, 2012

Today’s post showcases one of my favourite makeup looks so far.  I wanted to experiment with light silvery makeup combined with white eyeliner. As you may know, white eyeliner really makes your eyes pop – it appears to widen your eye, so if you have small eyes, white liner is a must!

To achieve this look, I first applied Lime Crime’s Candy Eyed Helper (which is now a must for any time I apply eye makeup). I then selected a light silver eye shadow called Cyber Vixen by Chi Chi.  I really like how metallic and shimmery this colour is.  I brushed my entire upper lid and crease with the silver, then blended it with white up to my brow bone.


Silver and white looks so shimmery and bright – great for night or day!


I then used NYX jumbo eyeliner pencil in Milk to line my lower waterline, add a sharp dramatic wing, and brighten the inner corner of my eyes.  I also set the waterline with a white shadow.

I finished off this look with a couple of coats of mascara including carefully applying a coat to my lower lashes.  I also added a tiny bit of silver glitter to my brow bone.


A bit of sparkle is always necessary!


I’m also wearing Lime Crime’s Airborne Unicorn lipstick which I think goes nicely with the silver eye makeup.


Silver and purple? Yes please! What a great combination :)

Learning a new skill – purple and silver nails

Wednesday, September 5th, 2012

About this time I started buying up big on nail art accessories on eBay.  I think my first purchase was $20 – high finances!  But!  I got a boat-load of stuff for that price, given most things were only $1 with shipping included.

I mentioned in the previous post about striping tape.  This first set of fake nails features silver striping tape, and was inspired by a beautiful set of pale purple and silver nails I found on Pinterest.

First thing I needed to do was work out which nails fit mine, so I spent some time going through the pack I bought (500 false nails, all sorted into sizes – 10 sizes in all).  Eventually I settled on the sizes I needed. I suggest you make note of this somewhere as you will refer to it each time you make a new set – much easier than refitting your nails!

Once I selected the nails, I needed to cut them down a bit, because a) they were far too long for what I’d be comfortable wearing and b) I am not a fan of square nails and prefer a more natural oval shape.  This required some forceful clipping, and slow and labourious filing.


Tools of the trade. Large clippers for the initial cut, then small ones to shape. The full sized nail is shown between them, and my preferred size above.


As you get more experienced, you’ll soon find you get more adept at clipping the nails to the size and shape, and so the filing is really just to smoothe out the edges.  With my first set, I nearly suffocated from the nail powder residue.  I strongly suggest you don’t breathe in while you file.  I’m not sure if the dust is harmful, but it smells a bit unpleasant, and it’s better to be safe than sorry!


I use a fine nail file to smoothe out any rough edges and do a final shape.


Next it’s time to paint!  I had a beautiful light purple polish that was given to me by a friend, and because it’s my favourite colour, I opted to use it for my first set of nails.  I was also graduating from my BA and thought having some nice, fancy nails for the ceremony would be fun!  As it turned out, they showed up nicely in my photos, and the student sitting next to me thought they were fabulous

I originally painted this set by placing each nail on the finger pad on my left hand, while I painted with my right.  This soon proved very annoying, as the nails wouldn’t balance, or I’d accidentally paint them to my finger.  Also, it was a paint to pick them up without smudging.  Since then, however, I have come up with an ingenious (I think) method which also makes the process much quicker.  I take a small ball of blu-tack and stick each nail to it, then stick the blu-tack to the top of a nail polish bottle.  I’ve also used pens and other things that I had laying around, but through trial and error, the polishes work best for me.


Look at those fancy nail polishes! They also double as a stand for my nails while I paint them. Then I can just pop them away while they dry without any mess or fuss!


I did a couple of coats of polish, and then started working out what I wanted each nail to look like.  I did some with glitter, some with striping tape, and one with rhinestones.  At this stage I realised I really needed some fine point tweezers, so they were my next eBay purchase!

Once I had everything the way I liked it, I gave the nails a generous coating of topcoat to seal it all in.  Here’s how they turned out!


This is before I trimmed the striping tape. I used a purple sheer gloss polish to darken the chevron nail. I used the same polish and a dark glitter to do the pinkie, whereas for the thumb I used a silver glitter polish.


I am still really proud of them!  The only issue I had was that the striping tape tends to curl up at the edges after a week or so, and then it’s very tempting to pull it, or it gets caught on things.  For the future, I’d suggest a lot more top coat on nails with striping tape.

What do you think?  Not bad, hey!


PS that macaroon was delicious!


Next time I’ll discuss my next project – 3D fruity nails!