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Glitter adhesive trial

Tuesday, December 9th, 2014

Aaaaaages back I bought a bunch of random loose glitters from eBay and occasionally tinker with them, usually to poor effect.

Until I got a decent glitter adhesive.  Then things get a LOT more fun!

So this one is by Medusa’s Makeup, comes in a little clear pink pot, and is called The Fix.  It’s waxy, but quite light, and a little goes a long way.  Far better than trying to use various wet body glitters in the hope they would provide enough stick; or worse yet, using those horrible glitter creams I’ve mentioned!

Here’s me trying it out with some green and gold (Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!):

Sparkle sparkle!

Sparkle, sparkle, sparkle!


Christmassy nails and eyes

Friday, August 2nd, 2013

Yes, I know it’s not Christmas, but this is actually a look from last year.  I am very behind in my posts 😛

So first I have some Christmassy nails – rather than make a set of nails, I just painted my natural nails, which is why they are so short and stubby!!

Short nails, noooo!

Short nails, noooo!

I used a bright red base for four of the nails, and then used a red glitter top coat.  The feature nail has a Christmassy snowflake nail sticker :)  The feature nail is a very intensely glittery green nail colour.  This was very thick and subsequently peeled off a few days later, which was good in some ways I guess, as it made it easy to remove!

Next, my eye makeup.  I’m pretty pleased with the red and green combination.  Still loving that Lime Crime red Siren eyeshadow, you’ll see! 😛



First I used the red eyeshadow (applied with wet brush) over the entire lid  up to the crease (with a big sweeping wing), then I used a dark green up to just below my brow bone.  The dark green is not very pigmented so it actually goes on with not much intensity.  In this case, that was to its advantage.

I blended the green into white up to my eyebrow, then applied a spattering of green glitter (from the infamous glitter palette) to the outer corner area.

Don't forget the Lime Crime Retrofuturist red lipstick with Chi Chi red gloss!

Don’t forget the Lime Crime Retrofuturist red lipstick with Chi Chi red gloss!

I then used BYS gold liquid eyeliner to the upper lash area, sweeping that out along the outer corner as well.  The final touches were dark green eyeliner pencil to the lower water line, and lots of black mascara on the top lashes.

And because it was Christmas, I also wanted appropriate footwear, so I figured green sparkly shoes would work well 😀

These are by Funtasma!

These are by Funtasma!

Shimmery pale green and pink eyes

Thursday, January 3rd, 2013

I may have mentioned previously that I have a nice stash of Chi Chi loose powder eyeshadow from a fortunate clearance sale some years back.  Today’s post uses one of the more unusual colours, a pale shimmery green.  It sort of looks gold in some lights, but is definitely a pale green pigment.  I quite like it!  I paired it with a bright pink shadow, some glitter cream and pink eyeliner.

Shimmery pale green goes nicely with the bright pink

Shimmery pale green goes nicely with the bright pink

First I applied the bright pink to my upper lid, with a wing swept out to my outer browline.  I then applied the shimmery pale green above the pink, to just below my brown bone.  I also applied some to the inner corner of my eye, as well as under my lower lashes.

Can't resist pink!

Can’t resist pink!

I used a bright pink eyeliner to line my lower water line, which tied in nicely with the upper lid colour.  I then dabbed some pink glitter cream to the outer wing sweep.

I don’t love that glitter palette, but I am making the best of it. It seems to be better if I use it sparingly.

Added a couple of coats of mascara to top and bottom lashes, and voila, we’re done!

This photo was a bit dark, but I liked how it looked :)

This photo was a bit dark, but I liked how it looked :)

New red eyeshadow

Thursday, December 27th, 2012

You may remember a while back I got a stash of Lime Crime makeup.  One of the colours I was excited about was Siren, which is a shimmery red.

Back in October, my husband and I attended Armageddon Expo in Melbourne, and I wanted some striking eye makeup for my photos with actors!

I applied a white base all over the eye, up to the brow bone, then used Siren over my lid and above my crease, sweeping out a wing at the outer corner.

I used a Chi Chi black pen eyeliner to line my upper lids, and NYX Milk eyeliner pencil to do my lower water line.  I find I need to make my eyes look wider whenever I use a dark colour of shadow and liner as the effect seems to shrink my eyes!

Not a great photo as I took it while waiting in line in the bright sunlight! Please excuse all the wrinkles!

Not a great photo as I took it while waiting in line in the bright sunlight! Please excuse all the wrinkles!

I then applied loose red glitter to my upper lids for a bit of sparkle, but as I’ve said in a recent post, I am not great at using this stuff and I really need a better adhesive.  So it looks a bit patchy, but it managed to stay on all day so that was good!

And here I am with my husband and some of the cast of Supernatural!

Me and hub with Christopher Heyerdahl, Sebastian Roche, Jim Beaver, Mark Pelligrino and Aldis Hodge

Me and hub with Christopher Heyerdahl, Sebastian Roche, Jim Beaver, Mark Pelligrino and Aldis Hodge

Sparkly pink eyes

Monday, December 24th, 2012

Welcome back to my regular posting!  It’s been a while :)

Today’s post is a pretty pink and white eye makeup look using pink glitter.

I used a dusky pink (Chi Chi) to cover my lids, then used a pale baby pink to add a highlight to my inner eye and lower lid.  I also blended white and baby pink up to my brow bone.

Various shades of pink give a pretty, feminine look

Various shades of pink give a pretty, feminine look

The upper lid is lined using a pink cream eyeliner (also Chi Chi) and tapered out to the end of my browline.  I added a white line (using NYX jumbo liner in Milk) above this which blended with the pink to end up more of a very pale pink colour.

A touch of glitter enhances the girliness!

A touch of glitter enhances the girliness!

The tricky bit was the glitter.  I’m still not very used to working with this stuff, so it didn’t end up great, but I’m sure I’ll improve with practice.

I used one of my crappy eye glitter creams to make a sticky surface for the loose glitter to adhere to, and then carefully pressed light pink shimmery glitter on the upper lid.

Double eyeliner for extra effect!

Double eyeliner for extra effect!

As you can see (if you look closely), the glitter cream tends to clump up in your crease, so it requires a lot of maintenance to keep your eyes looking nice.  Oh well, lesson learned!

I lined my lower water line with Milk, and applied black mascara to my my upper and lower lashes.  Applying mascara to the lower lashes is a good trick if you use a pale eyeshadow because it really makes your eyes look wide and open.  It’s very easy to smudge though so go slowly!

Fear the glitter cream clumpiness!

Fear the glitter cream clumpiness!

So the upshot is, this is a nice casual pink look, but if you want to use glitter, invest in some glitter glue instead of relying on a glitter cream unless you want clumps!

Bright orange dramatic eyes

Tuesday, November 13th, 2012

In my recent Lime Crime stash, I picked up a really bright orange liquid eyeliner called Sixth Element.  I was a bit scared to use it after my Lunar Sea debacle, but I figured I had learned from that experience enough to not repeat it.

You may also recall an earlier post where I talked about a small eyeshadow palette I bought from eBay (mistakenly thinking it was glitter).  The shadow is very cheap and cakey, but there are a few nice bright colours in it, including yellow and the orange I will showcase today.

Orange is such a great colour and you don’t often see people wearing it.  I have this awesome cream tunic that has red and orange paisley print all over it, with some teal accents.  I love the style and pattern, but the colours are really what make it for me.

Heading out to the city to have lunch with my mum, I opted to dress up in that tunic with a nice pair of jeans.  I thought this the perfect opportunity to try out my orange eyeliner.

As has now become my norm, I prepped my eyes by applying Lime Crime’s Candy Eyed Helper primer all over my lid.  I then applied the orange with a wet brush to get a more intense pigmented colour.  I like to sweep my shadow out to my outer eye area so most of my looks involve that style of look.


Love love love the orange eyeliner!


I smudged a bit of the orange under my lower lid (with dry brush this time), and then applied (carefully) the orange eyeliner.  I used much less on the brush this time, and made sure I put it on with a steady hand.  It went really well with the orange shadow – blending in with the colour, and yet somehow looking well-defined at the same time.

I finished off the look with white shadow applied to my brow bone, a line of glitter eyeliner to my upper lid and a teal eyeliner pencil to my lower waterline.  The combination of orange and teal is really dramatic, and this did not go unnoticed by people I met that day!


Orange and teal really seem to go well together and I love how the orange goes with my skintone


While I was out with my mum, we also went into the local Lush store, where, to my delight, I found they are now stocking liquid lipsticks and eyeliners!  I tried on a great looking red lipstick – which lasted for hours without any primer!  Definitely need to get me some of those!


I love the matte finish to this red lipstick


And here it is all tied together – orange and red really do go well together!


Complete look in orange and red

New glitter palette review

Monday, November 12th, 2012

I recently got this glitter palette off eBay.  It was around $15 including postage, and the pictures were definitely appealing so I figured I would get a pretty nice addition to my makeup collection.  It has great looking colours – lots of variety and oh so sparkly.  I absolutely could not wait to try them out.   Sadly, I was wrong.


Beauty Treats?  More like Beauty TRICKS!


The glitter is not part of the creme in each pan.  It is simply sprinkled on top to give the illusion of being glittery all the way through.  Under the less than millimetre of glitter, is a thick, sticky and generically coloured “creme” which does not apply smoothly or nicely at all.  I have tried a few different colours and they all have the same level of crapness.  Thankfully I didn’t waste too much cash on this, but man, what a shame :(


Close up of “glitter” – as you can see, once you take off the top layer, there is no glitter underneath


Even if I only used them the once to get the glitter effect, and then threw the palette out, the “creme” is really gross.  It is sticky and clumps in my eyelid crease in a very disgusting way, and whilst it is sticky, it doesn’t hold on to other glitter, so I can’t use it as a base and apply additional glitter over the top.  *sigh*


Here it is as a swatch on the back of my hand. Not great colour, and very little glitter at all once the top layer is gone.


I’ve heard NYX make good glitter palettes, so I’m thinking of trying out a Glitterati one, but I’m scared they won’t be that much better.  The Nail Dazzle makes a glitter glue and has lots of lovely glitters but for some reason they don’t ship their glitters to Australia!  So weird!

Red and black – bold contrast

Tuesday, November 6th, 2012

You may remember me saying in an earlier post that I’d gotten some random glitters and new Lime Crime eyeshadows.  I was really keen to try out the red eyeshadow which is called Siren.  It’s not a true red, and has an orangey tinge to it, but it’s rich and vibrant and looks particularly bright when applied with a wet brush.

For this look I used a black Chi Chi eye shadow applied with a wet brush, because black is very hard to apply neatly!  The wet brush gives a bit more control as well as intensity of colour.  I applied the colour after first putting on Lime Crime’s Candy Eye Helper primer which is like a concealer product but smooths and fills any creases in your eyelid and gives a more consistent surface for your shadow.  It also makes your shadow last way longer than without – hours and hours even if you get hot and sweaty!

So once the black was on, I applied the red with a wet brush also.  The red is a loose powder so you can load up the brush with pigment to get more colour and intensity if you wish.  I managed to get a pretty good smoothly defined line, which I then blended down under my lower lashes.  I blended a neutral colour into my brow bone for contrast and definition.


Black with red makes a bold contrast


It’s about here that it began to go terribly wrong.

I had some black glitter and thought it would look amazing on the upper lid, so I applied a bit of body glitter to the lid, then tried to stick the glitter to it with a brush.  It did not stick well and ended up kind of inconsistent and clumpy.  By this time I was running late for a night out, so I figured it was good enough.

Then I applied liquid black eyeliner to my upper lid, and kohl to my lower and waterline and bahhh smudges galore.  It was too intense for me and I struggled to clean it up so I didn’t look like a crack whore!


It got messy fast with the black eyeliner, but I managed to salvage it


The black glitter fell off all night and black glitter looks like dirt and blackheads if you don’t know what it is :(

I think I managed to rescue the look, but I’ve learned some lessons, and I really need to invest in some special glue for the glitters.  I hear the Nail Dazzle has some good stuff, so I might try that out.


The black glitter wasn’t as good as I’d hoped


Since I made this look, I’ve done a couple of others with the red Lime Crime eye shadow, and I’ll be showing those off a bit later on.  It’s a great colour, but now I want something even brighter.  Sugarpill and Makeup Geek are a couple of brands I haven’t tried before but I think they have good bright colours, so I’ll check them out soon.

Tropical pink and yellow

Thursday, October 25th, 2012

Today’s post is a look I wore when popping down to the shops – but couldn’t bear not trying out some new makeup. I used my faithful pink Chi Chi, and my my new Lime Crime yellow (Circus Girl), and some new glitter.  I bought the glitter on eBay and received a random selection of colours for just a few dollars.  There were lots of shades close to each other but I was pretty pleased with the selection.  I got a couple of different yellows, a black, bright green and a red which have begun to feature heavily in my latest looks.  I really want an orange one though…

Anyway!  I covered my entire upper lid with Chi Chi pink, and smudged some under part of my lower lashes.  Then I used the Circus Girl yellow right up to my brow bone, with a little underneath my lower lashes, blended into the pink.  I dabbed the yellow glitter on to the yellow eyeshadow to make for more sparkles.  Next I used a Chi Chi pink eyeliner to line all around my eye, including my lower water line and around my inner eye.  I winged out the liner to make a nice line at the outer corner, and carefully added a second line above it.


Glittery yellow and double pink eye liner


My husband really like the double eye liner, he said it looked very catlike!  I am really having lots of fun trying out new colour combinations and styles.  If you have any hints and tips or ideas, please post them – I would love to hear from you!


I really like the combination of pink and yellow – looks very tropical!

Purple and gold

Saturday, October 20th, 2012

With this look, I used a dusky purple to cover my entire lid and into the crease.  I also blended it under my lower lashes.  I chose a loose Chi Chi mineral eye shadow powder for the gold, which I used to create a defined line on the upper and lower lid.  I lined my lower waterline with Chi Chi gold eyeliner pencil, and using a small fine brush, I set the colour with the gold powder.

I finished the look off with some purple sparkly glitter up to my brow line, and a couple of coats of black Chi Chi mascara.

I really love the combination of purple and gold together – I think it looks very regal!


The gold powder setting the eyeliner on the waterline made the colour stay on for hours. This is a great technique for long lasting eyeliner.