A couple of looks

Looking back through my folder of makeup photos, I saw a couple of nice eyemakeup looks and thought I may as well put them together in one post.

The first is a purple eyeshadow look using ChiChi loose eyeshadow powder with an aqua blue glitter eyeliner (ChiChi). I really love the colour combination, and I particularly love that eyeliner, however, looking back at the photo I realise I’ve made an error I often make with eyeliner – not waiting for it to drive before I open my eye! If you don’t wait, you are likely to end up with a bit of eyeliner transferred to your upper lid, like I’ve done here. It’s not so bad for lighter colours, but with black gel eyeliner, it can be a real killer! Does anyone have any tips on how to repair that kind of mistake once you’ve already done all your eye makeup? I’d love to know your advice!


The second look is one using ChiChi again (it’s my favourite eyeshadow!), using shades of pink.  This time I used a really pale pink below the crease of my eyelid, then highlighted above with a bright pink.  I then lined my upper lash line with a pink cream liner (I have a little ChiChi set with a nice selection of colours).  I also lined my lower lashline with the pink shadow, and filled my lower waterline with Nyx white eyeliner (the shade is called “milk”).  If you look carefully at the closed eye picture, you can see I’ve transferred some of the bright pink from above the crease, down to the lower area near my inner eye corner.  I have this problem a lot when I do my eyes.  Perhaps I just need to take it a bit slower and really let the eyeshadow set before opening my eye.  Easier said than done when you are rushing off to work in the morning!


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