Getting Crazy – 3D Fruity Nails

After the success of my first set of fake nails, I thought I’d go a little crazier.  I had been eyeing off some fimo fruit slices for a while, so I bought myself some in preparation.

I was really torn because I wasn’t sure which way to decorate this next set of nails.  I’d pinned heaps of cool ones on Pinterest, but in the end I decided to theme each nail by colour.

What I did first was sort out the fruit slices according to colour, then find an appropriate nail colour from my new collection.  Some of the colours looked bright, but actually came out translucent, so I needed to do quite a few coats to get the final result.

Once they were dry, I used nail glue to apply the fruit slices, then coated each nail with a LOT of clear polish to fill in the gaps and make them smooth.

What do you think?


Here they are drying – I used the blu-tack method on pens/pencils this time. Works well, but they don’t balance and you run the risk of the pen rolling and smooshing your hard work.


I really love the yellow thumbnail, but the red one and the orange are awesome too.  Ahhh, I don’t know which is my favourite – what’s yours?


Here they are on my nails – I love them so much! Got plenty of interest from random people at shops and stuff “You should do this for a living” LOL! Not much money in it, but it’s fun :)


So there you have it – very simple to do, and cheap.  The fruit slices set me back $1 including shipping and I have plenty left – I got about 100 pieces.

Next post I’ll show off the awesome purple and black nails I made for my front row tickets to Lady Gaga!  Till then, cheers!


I’m nearly dry, another glass please waiter!

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  1. Yetti says:

    Your fruit nails are my favourites so far!

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