New glitter palette review

I recently got this glitter palette off eBay.  It was around $15 including postage, and the pictures were definitely appealing so I figured I would get a pretty nice addition to my makeup collection.  It has great looking colours – lots of variety and oh so sparkly.  I absolutely could not wait to try them out.   Sadly, I was wrong.


Beauty Treats?  More like Beauty TRICKS!


The glitter is not part of the creme in each pan.  It is simply sprinkled on top to give the illusion of being glittery all the way through.  Under the less than millimetre of glitter, is a thick, sticky and generically coloured “creme” which does not apply smoothly or nicely at all.  I have tried a few different colours and they all have the same level of crapness.  Thankfully I didn’t waste too much cash on this, but man, what a shame :(


Close up of “glitter” – as you can see, once you take off the top layer, there is no glitter underneath


Even if I only used them the once to get the glitter effect, and then threw the palette out, the “creme” is really gross.  It is sticky and clumps in my eyelid crease in a very disgusting way, and whilst it is sticky, it doesn’t hold on to other glitter, so I can’t use it as a base and apply additional glitter over the top.  *sigh*


Here it is as a swatch on the back of my hand. Not great colour, and very little glitter at all once the top layer is gone.


I’ve heard NYX make good glitter palettes, so I’m thinking of trying out a Glitterati one, but I’m scared they won’t be that much better.  The Nail Dazzle makes a glitter glue and has lots of lovely glitters but for some reason they don’t ship their glitters to Australia!  So weird!


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