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Christmas nails and eyes (plus bonus shoes!) for 2014

Friday, December 26th, 2014

As is somewhat of a tradition, I made up some fancy themed nails for Christmas this year.  I opted for red and silver this time, and used my remaining Christmas nail stickers to decorate them.  They turned out really well.

I alternated the silver glitter and red polish, carefully applied the stickers, and finished with a couple of coats of clear polish.





For my eyes, I used Lime Crime’s Siren (red) loose eyeshadow and applied it with a damp brush into the crease and eyelid, with signature sweep 😉  Then I used Chi Chi’s Cyber Vixen (silver) above the crease to the base of the brow bone (also with a damp brush).  Then I applied it again to the brow bone, but this time with a dry brush.  I also used a Chi Chi glitter eyeliner to add some sparkle.


And here I am with my wacky blue hair :)


And to finish off the look – sparkly shoes!


Velour flocked nails

Monday, November 10th, 2014

ChiChi do some pretty amazing nail art collections, and the latest one to show you is the Velour Flock Manicure set.

There is also a blue/purple set.

There is also a blue/purple set

It was a bit fiddly to apply but definitely worth the effort. The set comes with three nail polishes and three matching velour flocking containers.  The flocking is soft and fuzzy (and very messy!)  I prepped my false nails as usual and got everything ready to start working.

All the things!

All the things!

I decided to go with the purple/pink colour for my nails, but with one red feature nail to break up the colour.  I started out by pouring some of the flocking powder into a small glass. Here you can see a close up of the powder – it is very fine.

Any excess can be put back into the containers.

Any excess can be put back into the containers

What you need to do is paint the nail, and while it is still wet, dip it into the powder and roll it around to make sure it’s well covered.  I blu-tacked the nail to the end of a pencil, painted it, and then covered it in flocking.

Pretty purple/pink colour

Pretty purple/pink colour

Cover it thickly!

Cover it thickly!

Once you take it out of the flocking, it’s on quite thick, so you can use the provided brush to sweep off any excess back into the glass.

Sweep sweep!

Sweep sweep!

Then repeat for each nail until you have a complete set!

Pretty and fuzzy!

Pretty and fuzzy!

In case you were wondering, they lasted quite well through showering and doing the washing up :)

Christmas Tree Nails

Sunday, December 29th, 2013

Here are this year’s Christmas nails for you to admire :)

After cutting and filing the nails to the size and shape I wanted, I painted them all in a pale grey colour (Revlon’s Silver).

A pale grey forms the base/background of the design

A pale grey forms the base/background of the design

When that dried I used a sparkly green to draw the trees.  If you don’t have a steady hand, you can use striping tape to mark out the shape, and fill in the tree.  I opted for free hand because this sparkly green polish is very thick and peels off easily, and I know from past experience that it doesn’t work well with striping tape.

Flip the nail over, and draw the trees from the end of the nail, not the base

Flip the nail over, and draw the trees from the end of the nail, not the base

I added a layer of clear green polish over the trees to help the polish stick better and to slightly darken the hue.

Next step was to apply some silver glitter to the tree to look like the bauble decorations.  I found the easiest way to do this was to gently stick them on with my finger, while the polish was still tacky.  You could use tweezers also if you wanted.

Pour out some glitter, then press your fingertip onto the pieces. Then gently press your fingertip onto the tree - some glitter bits will stick on.

Pour out some glitter, then press your fingertip onto the pieces. Then gently press your fingertip onto the tree – some glitter bits will stick on.

Next I applied a tiny daub of nail glue to the top of the tree, and, using tweezers, carefully dropped on a gold star.

Here you can see the completed nails, flipped to show you the trees from the viewer's perspective

Here you can see the completed nails, flipped to show you the trees from the viewer’s perspective

Finally, I applied loads of clear polish over the top to protect all the fine glitter and to give the nails a nice shine.  PS the glitter and stars I used were from a selection I bought off eBay – you can usually pick up a set for a dollar or two.

Usually the colours are a random selection, but this is a pretty good indicator of what you will likely get.

Usually the colours are a random selection, but this is a pretty good indicator of what you will likely get.

You can see that I did the Christmas trees upside down – that is so when you show them off, or turn your fingers down to look at them, you can see them right way up :)

The completed nails.

The completed nails.

And here they are on, so you can see what I mean by flipping them the way I did :)

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!


Legend of Zelda nails

Thursday, November 21st, 2013

Earlier this year, I went to the Legend of Zelda Symphony of the Goddesses concert in Sydney. Given this was both a geeky and fancy affair, I decided I wanted some nails that were appropriate.

I opted for a fairly simple concept – sparkly green, but with a yellow Triforce on each thumb.  The green sparkly polish I used was very thick, and I found it tricky – great for removing, but not so much for dealing with fine detail, as you’ll soon see.

Nevertheless I painted all the nails except the thumbs in sparkly green polish, then applied yellow to the thumbs, and overlaid this with a sparkly yellow.

Just a little bit of sparkle :)

Just a little bit of sparkle :)

All the sparkles!

All the sparkles!

The tricky bit was next. I had decided to mark out the triforce in striping tape, and then fill in the gaps with the sparkly green, leaving the yellow showing from underneath to form the triforce.

All striped up.

All striped up.

Seemed fine in theory, but I didn’t bank on the glugginess of the green, so getting into those small points was tricky and required additional tools besides the nail polish brush.

Did okay though!

Did okay though!

After letting it dry, came the badness.  I peeled off the striping tape, and due to the consistency of the green polish, a lot of it tried to come off too.  So it wasn’t my finest work, but the theory was sound.

Here they are as a set after emergency repairs to the thumbs.  I’m still pretty pleased with how they turned out :)

Zelda nails!

Zelda nails!

Christmassy nails and eyes

Friday, August 2nd, 2013

Yes, I know it’s not Christmas, but this is actually a look from last year.  I am very behind in my posts 😛

So first I have some Christmassy nails – rather than make a set of nails, I just painted my natural nails, which is why they are so short and stubby!!

Short nails, noooo!

Short nails, noooo!

I used a bright red base for four of the nails, and then used a red glitter top coat.  The feature nail has a Christmassy snowflake nail sticker :)  The feature nail is a very intensely glittery green nail colour.  This was very thick and subsequently peeled off a few days later, which was good in some ways I guess, as it made it easy to remove!

Next, my eye makeup.  I’m pretty pleased with the red and green combination.  Still loving that Lime Crime red Siren eyeshadow, you’ll see! 😛



First I used the red eyeshadow (applied with wet brush) over the entire lid  up to the crease (with a big sweeping wing), then I used a dark green up to just below my brow bone.  The dark green is not very pigmented so it actually goes on with not much intensity.  In this case, that was to its advantage.

I blended the green into white up to my eyebrow, then applied a spattering of green glitter (from the infamous glitter palette) to the outer corner area.

Don't forget the Lime Crime Retrofuturist red lipstick with Chi Chi red gloss!

Don’t forget the Lime Crime Retrofuturist red lipstick with Chi Chi red gloss!

I then used BYS gold liquid eyeliner to the upper lash area, sweeping that out along the outer corner as well.  The final touches were dark green eyeliner pencil to the lower water line, and lots of black mascara on the top lashes.

And because it was Christmas, I also wanted appropriate footwear, so I figured green sparkly shoes would work well 😀

These are by Funtasma!

These are by Funtasma!

Red and white dot nails

Friday, January 25th, 2013

It’s been a while since I featured some nail art, so today is the day!  This is the latest set of nails I made – for something snazzy to wear to my high school reunion last year.  I’d been admiring the dot nail art technique for a while over on Pinterest, and decided I’d have a go at making my own.

I decided that I wanted to have white nails, with red french tips, and a line of glitter, plus red dots.  I thought I could swap the colours around for a feature nail, and maybe do stripes instead of dots for another feature.

Here are the three nail polishes I used

Here are the three nail polishes I used

After cutting and shaping the nails to my preferred size, I painted them in their base colour – white for all except the ring finger, which I did in red.

I then used some stick on nail forms, to do the tips.  As you can see this is a bit of a messy process – which is why I opted to put some glitter between the tips and the base colour (to hide the mess!)

The red was a lot thinner consistency than the white

The red was a lot thinner consistency than the white

To create the glitter line, I poured out some silver glitter polish and used a very small dotting tool to gather it up and slowly dot it along the tip line.

You need to work quickly with glitter polish, as it tends to clump and dry very fast

You need to work quickly with glitter polish, as it tends to clump and dry very fast

Once I had completed each nail with the silver line, I made sure to leave them to dry before working on the next stage.  The glitter line really did a good job of hiding those imperfections in the tip process.

Here you can see both a standard nail, and the ring finger accent one

Here you can see both a standard nail, and the ring finger accent one

The next step was to use a larger dotting tool to create the dot pattern on the nails (using red on the white nails, and white on the red).  I also wanted to have a different effect on my thumbnails, so instead of dots, I painted stripes.  Next time I’d use a thinner brush to do the stripes.

Here is the complete set of nails

Here is the complete set of nails

However, on one of the middle fingers, I mucked up the dot pattern.  If you look at the above pic you will see what I mean.  In order to hide this, I figured I’d make a sort of flower accent out of rhinestones.  It turned out quite nice, so I replicated it for the other side.

There's always something you can do to hide the imperfections!

There’s always something you can do to hide the imperfections!

So there you have it, some new techniques to try, and some tips on how to cover any mistakes you make!  These nails were very fun to make and even more fun to wear :)

Spots and stripes!

Spots and stripes!

Matte and gloss black french manicure nails + caviar

Tuesday, October 30th, 2012

It’s back to the nails today, after a few makeup posts.  This set of nails was inspired by a few different nail art looks I’d seen on Pinterest that used matte black nail polish.  So first things first, I needed to buy some, so I headed to my trusty eBay and picked up a $5 polish to try out.

I was also very interested in using the micro steel balls I’d recently bought.  I really wanted to use all black balls, but again, like with my crushed shell wheel, the colours had been mixed up in the post, and it was absolutely impossible to separate them.

So I prepared my nails using my normal method, and painted them all in the matte black.


Nails lined up to dry with black matte polish


Close up to show the flat matte texture – I really like it!


Next, I stuck on some french tip forms and painted the gloss black on the ends.  A tip here is to remove the forms *before* the polish dries.  You may recall, I had lots of problems with my Gaga nails because I didn’t know that little trick.  This time, it worked a treat.


Preparing the nails for the glossy french tips


Close up of completed nail – the difference between the matte and gloss is subtle but effective


After that, I thought I’d tackle the steel balls to make a caviar nail for my thumb.  I covered the nail with clear polish and applied the balls.  This looked great while I was doing it, but soon after I realised I should have used glue to make the balls stick – they steadily came off until I had practically none on in just a few days.  I also made the mistake of coating them in clear gloss afterwards – this took the colour right off them.  So I stopped and ended up with one faded and one still bright.  Another lesson learned!


My micro steel ball wheel – the colour I wanted to use (black) was among the ones that got shaken up


Preparing the caviar thumbnail


One feature nail is never enough, so I selected some square green rhinestones and lined them up.  Again I didn’t use glue and they came off after a week.  Tsk tsk for me being lazy!


Square green rhinestones to accent another nail


Finally the whole set was done, and I was pretty happy with the effect.  Black nail polish really is a great look no matter what you do with it!


The complete set of nails before I glued them on


They looked great on, and I got a ton of compliments.  What do you think of this?


Showing them off – the micro balls did not last very long, sadly


Another angle


Close up of the caviar nail

Pastel shell nails

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012

Today I wanted to show off another set of nails I made recently.  I bought a wheel of crushed shell decorations from eBay and when they arrived in the post I was annoyed to find all the colours had been mixed up.  I contemplated trying to sort them out, but it was just too impossible.  So what to do?

I decided to use a mixture of colours somehow.  Pondering, I thought that they might look nice with some pastel nail polish, so I tested a few colours.  I couldn’t decide on just one, so I chose three!  I opted for pink, green and blue.

Using my usual techniques to create the false nails, I then painted them – I did the fingers alternating pink and green, and then blue for the thumb.  Next I poured all the crushed shell pieces into a small bowl, and painted a nail with a thick coat of clear polish, starting from the tip down and stopping roughly two thirds down.

Then I sprinkled crushed shell over the nail, repeating several times to fill in the gaps.  I carefully pressed the shell down to secure it to the nail, then painted over it with clear gloss to smooth down some of the sharper shell edges.  I did this with each nail until the final product.

I’m very pleased with how they turned out – what do you think?


I love the alternating colours, and the shell accents. Very different!

A little bit of random makeups

Tuesday, September 25th, 2012

Before I launch into some of my newly learned makeup techniques and some more nail art, I thought I’d make a post with a collection of other bits and pieces I’ve found on my computer.  This is not because it contributes particularly to this blog, but because it’s just the sort of person I am.  I have catalogued something in my head as makeup related, so thus it should go on here.  This should be the only one of these though 😛

A couple of years back I had a music themed costume party, and I came as Lady Gaga (there is also evidence of drunken Poker Face singing on YouTube, but I’m not about to link you directly to that and encourage  your mockery!)

False eyelashes are ever my bane, but I managed to do really well with these.


Serious Gaga business


Makeup still looks pretty good after finishing up a night of near drunkeness


For Christmas last year, I frocked up in a red dress, and decided to go with bright green eye makeup.  I don’t reckon you need to see the dress, but here’s the eye 😉


Green Eyes for Christmas


Just as I was starting to get into nail art, I thought I’d practice on my toes because that is a bit easier to manage than my own fingers (I have since upgraded to false nails as you know).  I created this simple nail look by painting the big toe with light purple, placing some tape diagonally, and repainting the top section with dark purple.  Then I just popped a cute little star sticker on :)


Schmancy toe nails!


That’s all for now – I promise to make a proper post next time!

Gaga Nails

Friday, September 14th, 2012

Hi everyone – tody I want to show off the set of nails I made for my trip to Melbourne to see Lady Gaga.  My awesome friends and I got amazing front row seats and we had the best time!

So for this nail set, I wanted to go with a messy shaded purple look – sort of like the colour was bleeding down my fingers.  I also wanted to have some really pointy nails for “paws up” Gaga time!  I had bought a set of long stiletto nails from eBay just for the occasion, and I set to work on them first.

Sadly I kind of ruined them as they were way too long for me, so I cut them down but this meant they didn’t fit properly.  I figured that would be okay though and I’d just wear them for that one night, so I could use nail sticker adhesive instead of affixing them with nail glue like normal.  As it turned out, this was not to be!

Anyway, what I did, after my usual cutting and shaping, was to paint each nail with a clear purple gloss.  I gave them several coats to get the right colour.


Ah my beloved stiletto nails – I wish I’d had the chance to wear you…


Next I applied a darker purple and graded it down halfway.  This was looking pretty good, but I decided I wanted more, so I used my french manicure sticker forms to add a black french tip to the nails.  Then I left them to dry.  Overnight.  Which I now know I should never do.  Why?  Because next day I couldn’t get the stickers off :(  I ended up having to scrape them off and then having to paint the nails with the dark purple to cover up the imperfections.  So, pro tip: when you use nail sticker forms to do designs, remove the sticker BEFORE the polish dries.


Here’s the full set completed. I did two stiletto nails for my “paws up” hand.


Nevertheless, they ended up looking pretty awesome and I couldn’t wait to wear them.  As it happened, I ran out of time getting ready (having been to Oz Comic Con all day that day) and just couldn’t get the stiletto nails to stay on.  So I went without.


Paws up, little monsters!


It really was an awesome night (and weekend too) – I love dressing up, and any chance to do so is one I will take.  So for your viewing pleasure, here are some pics of my outfit for Lady Gaga :)  Enjoy!