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Saturday, September 20th, 2014

Hello friends!  Bit of a different post this time :)

Liptember is a campaign raising funds and awareness for women’s mental health during the month of September. All funds raised during the month of September are donated to the CENTRE FOR WOMEN’S MENTAL HEALTH and LIFELINE.

There are a range of awesome lipstick colours you can buy online, or from participating retailers (e.g. myChemist). They are just $4.99 each and all proceeds go to the above charities.

If you’d like to make a donation (or join my team!), click on the link. Get yourself some funky lippy and support this very important cause.

Here are a few of my Liptember looks so far :)


First batch of lipsticks



Second batch of lipsticks

Second batch of lipsticks (no swatches for these)


Quite a long lasting red, I was pretty surprised given the price!


Green is more of a mint than I was expecting. Quite shimmery.


Love this orange!


Beautiful purple


Blended purple and blue


Blended purple and pink


Straight blue


Sunset eyes and lips using pink and yellow


Straight pink


Shimmery purple and pale

Thursday, May 9th, 2013

I have some great purple eyeshadows because it is my favourite colour, and I find it hard to resist (or throw out!) any purple stuff.

This post’s look is one where I used a very light iridescent pale purple and a darker shimmery purple for contrast.

Shimmer shimmer

Shimmer shimmer

First I covered the upper eyelid with this very fine mineral pigment that I’ve had for absolutely years.  It’s by MIKI and the pot is so old (I’m talking, I bought it over 15 years ago!), but I can’t bear to throw it out.  It’s an amazing iridescent pale purple colour (almost white until you apply it).  It makes a huge mess, but looks amazing in different lights.

Then I used a Chi Chi loose shimmer eye shadow in a plum/purple colour to create an eyeliner look.  I also brought the darker colour down to my inner eye corner to create a shimmery contrast point.



Sadly, as is often the case, it is extremely difficult to show the true colour of this iridescent eye shadow.  Perhaps if I learn to play with my camera a bit more, I will eventually be able to capture it.

Makeup Geek

Sunday, May 5th, 2013

Late last year, Makeup Geek had a sale and so I thought it was high time I bought some of their makeup to try out – I’d heard good things, and seen an amazing red gel eyeliner that I really wanted to use.

In order to get the best shipping cost value, I picked up a few eye shadows as well as the red eyeliner.  I chose a red eyeshadow, a yellowy-green, and a bright blue.

My little Makeup Geek stash

My little Makeup Geek stash

So here we are months later, and I’ve not really used the eyeshadows much (the red is not as red as, say, Lime Crime’s Siren, but still makes a good base), but I absolutely LOVE the red eyeliner (called Poison).  It’s so rich and pigmented and goes on really well.

A look using Makeup Geek's red eyeshadow and gel eyeliner

A look using Makeup Geek’s red eyeshadow and gel eyeliner

The good/bad thing about it is this: Poison absolutely DOES NOT budge!  I have worn it all day and night, then had a shower, and cleansed my face (specifically paying attention to my eyes, because I tend to wear lots of colour), and all the rest of my makeup is good, except for the eyeliner!

And even after taking to it with eye makeup remover, it hangs around.  It’s definitely extremely budge-proof and water-proof.  If you want to get it off, you’ll need some extra strong eye makeup remove, and a lot of cotton balls and time!

Please bear with me!

Thursday, December 20th, 2012

I’m changing web hosts and I’ve moved to a virtual server where I am in charge of sorting out all the infrastructure, including WordPress.  This is hard for my brain!

Things will be back to normal soon I hope!

New blog! Yay!

Saturday, September 1st, 2012

Hi there!  This is my newest blog.  I’ve been making false nails for a few months now as I was finding gels too expensive, and I have never been good at growing my nails naturally.  I also love dramatic eye makeup and have lately been learning some new techniques.

I decided to make a new blog to showcase some of the stuff I’ve done and hopefully a) get better at it and b) inspire others to get into this fun hobby.